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Dilemma. [28 Mar 2014|11:05am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Okay .. so my brain is feeling very conflicted today. I blame my OCD mostly. Brain overwhelmed, can't process decisions .. UGH. Does this make me a horrible person ? Maybe you need a little more background information ..

So Gene's Aunt Sis passed away the other day .. very sad, as she was a wonderful lady. But of course, as life would have it, the funeral arrangements and everything happen to be scheduled for the worst possible times. SO MANY CONFLICTS. It's crazy. I just need to kind of flesh things out here ..

If I go with Gene to PA for the funeral, I'd have to use BOTH of my personal days (my only days off) plus they're supposed to be requested ahead of time, so I'd have to get special permission from my boss. So that kind of stinks. This is my last real weekend with Gene for a while, as next weekend is drill weekend, and the weekend after that he leaves for TN for 6 weeks (still trying to flesh out the details for that too and maybe plan a trip down ??) We have tickets to the science museum that are going to expire while he is gone and I was hoping to go this weekend (or take a day off together in the future, which I won't be able to if I use both my days) Not a huge deal, I suppose I could take my sister. Also, tomorrow is Jamie's Mom's birthday party. She had asked me MONTHS ago to come, and I haven't been able to see her the last few times she's been in town. So I would miss that. Also, it's penguin weekend at the aquarium and me & Meagan were gonna go ! So I'd miss that too. Miss getting up close & personal with some pengys, LOL. Not to mention, I'd also miss a bunch of my shows. But really the only one I care about is the SERIES FINALE of HIMYM. ): ): Season finale of TWD on Sunday too but that's been meh. On top of missing my other routine things/things I need to get done. Idk Idk Idk. I don't have to go with him .. but I should, shouldn't I ? UGH. Eric was supposed to come visit this weekend, but obviously that will be postponed. I had plans to make a nice breakfast and everything. If I do go to PA, the next few weeks are gonna suck greatly as it will be NON STOP with the UTA and all.

I guess we will discuss this later, since it is likely we wouldn't leave until tomorrow anyways.

Not too much else going on lately .. volleyball hasn't been as fun for me due to some new "techniques." Apparently winning is more important. Bleh. Everyone has been sick lately. Marlene came to visit last weekend. She is 5 months pregnant. I got to feel the baby kick. We tried a new Jamaican restaurant. The weekend before that, we saw my sister in Shrek, which was a cute musical. And we got to meet up with Joe & Liz for dinner which was nice since we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. Joe has a few deployments coming up & Liz is having the same nasal surgery Eugene had.

Nothing else really new that I can think of. Today is Friday so no meat. Maybe I'll get one of those delicious fish burritos from Mighty Taco. Sounds disgusting, but the bite I had of Gene's last week was AMAZING. So bad for you though I am sure. This is why I work out so much, lol. Haven't heard from Chrissy in MONTHS now. I hope she is okay. Annmarie is still sick and off work. We dogsat Leo for her for a week and that was fun. I leave for lunch soon enough so I guess I will end this post here for now & try to make some decisions. UGH.

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"Demons I get, people are crazy." [21 Feb 2014|11:12am]
[ mood | crazy ]

So here I am, with a free minute or two at work today, so figured I would write a little bit. A lot on my mind lately, but don't really feel like airing that all out on here just yet. Obviously not too much new has happened since I last wrote yesterday. Gene got a call from his friend Cindy Ackerman. Apparently his neighbor at the farm (and very close friend/almost second father figure) Kris is sick. Some kind of cancer. He is declining treatment and was given 3-5 months. A while back Cindy called me to tell me that Kris wasn't going to make it to her wedding (this September) and that Gene would have to walk her down the aisle. Kris has been very depressed ever since Deb passed away, and then he lost both his parents, and a close friend. ): Very sad. He is a good man.

We didn't have volleyball last night (due to parent teacher conferences I believe) so Gene & I did some Insanity and then made waffles for dinner. Love waffles. Love breakfast. Love breakfast for dinner. Had elderberry jam, honey, and apple pie syrup with mine, and Gene had peanut butter, fluffernutter, and maple syrup. And we watched some more Supernatural. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows.

Weather here has been crazy. Rained like crazy yesterday and also snowed. Then 45 degrees out this morning, then more snow. Gene has been without water for weeks (don't think I touched on that in yesterday's update) due to pipes in the street being frozen. Finally the water board came out and hooked him up to his neighbor's water for now (though the hoses have frozen twice since then, and he also went out and bought and insulated his own hoses too now)

Gene may or may not go to the farm this weekend, and I wish he would make some decisions soon so I could try to plan accordingly. A friend from work, Linda, had suggested we all go to this New Orleans style restaurant on Grand Island sometime, and another friend Jen, wants us to go to this Ethiopian place with her and her boyfriend. Lots of other places I want to try. Though it's not food related, I'm dying to do that Paint on Tap (maybe with Lisa and Steve), really want to check out Taisho Bistro, Crust Buffalo, 4 Points Bakery, Woodcock Brewery, and any place I can try a fry bread taco. I have been making a food bucket list. Foods/restaurants both near and far, lol, and recipes, and drinks. This must make me a crazy person.

Anyways .. have a few work orders to do here & then leaving for lunch, so maybe I will write again soon. And touch on some of the more important things on my mind.

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. heat of the moment . [18 Feb 2014|02:51pm]
[ mood | working ]

Wow .. it sure has been a while, lol. Looks like I update this thing around the same time every year. Obviously too much to really be filled in on, but I really do want to start writing and journaling again. Life has been pretty good lately, still happy with Eugene, mostly enjoy my job (though not the lack of healthcare or how little it pays), spending time with my dogs and family. Meagan & Jack on the other hand are getting a divorce, which has filled me with a lot of anger, that I have been using to fuel my workouts. They tried to split up possessions last week which was an ordeal because he was being so greedy after being so unappreciative and ungrateful all these years, but at least that's over now. Um .. not too much else is new. Haven't seen much of our friends lately .. Chrissy has been seemingly ignoring me for like a month now with no explanation. My friend Annmarie has been very sick and off work since Christmas break. Gene has gotten me into the TV show Supernatural, so that's how we've been spending a lot of our time lately. Since it is currently in season 9, he is trying to get me to catch up as fast as possible, LOL. I really do enjoy the show though. SO GOOD. Speaking of Gene, I just bought him some of the most AMAZING birthday presents, lol. It is going to be crazy trying to keep them secret til June. ): We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day or anniversaries or I might give them to him then. Been doing a lot of cooking and baking as per the usual, plus we're currently doing a P90X/Insanity hybrid on the workout front. In other news, Gene's sister Marlene is pregnant and due sometime in July. We spent Christmas with my family this year and then traveled to West Virginia to his sister Karen's house to see his parents, Karen, Jason, and their two kids, Eliza, and newborn Wyatt. Gene's Mom and Aunt Marie came up to see Wicked at Shea's with us, same week of Meagan's Arsenic & Old Lace at the Palace Theatre, in which she played the lead role. My brithday was just a few weeks back, don't really feel any older. Do feel really crappy about what I have accomplished thus far though. Really need to throw myself into getting a better job or something, and throw myself back into the health scene. Toned it down for a little while due to being a little overly extreme and it messing with my hormones, but think I've been a little too lax for a little too long. Eugene is going to TN for 6 weeks starting in April and I am hoping to drive down with him and spend some of my Easter break there. Not sure if I will fly back or drive back, hoping to get someone to join me. Haven't really seen much of the South, so I think it would be fun, and if we drove back, could do it at our leisure, stop wherever, explore. I don't really have much time to write right now, as I leave work in just a few minutes, but maybe I can get back into it.

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Long time, no update .. [23 Apr 2013|01:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow .. it has been a LONG TIME. A whole year +. Mostly because they had blocked this site at the schools which is when I tend to update, on my down time/breaks. I don't even know where to begin really. Since the last entry I'm sure tons has happened, Sandy Hook shootings, Christmas in West Virginia, Jack leaving for a four month TDY, my 26th birthday, me & Gene's six year anniversary (which we celebrated with a blue crab feast delivered from Maryland), just recently completed the Beachbody program Rev Abs, Boston Marathon bombings, etc. I'm at a different school this year in the mornings (Kalfas) but I mostly love it there. Lots of good people, and have become closer to a handful of people at Abate, my afternoon school, where I am now. Meagan is going for her Masters/teaching certification and has a class here on Tuesday afternoons. Today her class is doing a special "multicultural lunch buffet" for the staff here. She was so busy yesterday that I offered to help and made four dozen sweet farmer's cheese varenyky (Ukrainian pierogi) and then a smaller batch of 8 sweet potato ones for me & Eugene to enjoy. (: So I have that to look forward to in a little bit. They are delicious, even if some of them ended up sticking together & now resemble more of a pierogi "ball" LOL.

Eugene & I will be very busy coming up. This Saturday is his race car day. For one of his Christmas presents I had purchased him a Groupon for a day of racing real Nascar stock cars. It seemed very unique, and should be fun. We're all gonna go out to watch him and cheer him on from the pit box. We also have Edie's (Aunt Elaine's Mom's) 90th birthday party that evening. Then next week he has an appointment at Roswell. We were both sick last month, and he had a double ear infection so our GP sent him to a ENT specialist who discovered Gene has a deviated septum and a bone spur in his nose, so we were all set up to have surgery this month, until the results from his MRI came back, revealing some kind of white spot, so to make a long story short, surgery is off (postponed) until we figure out what this is. Could be a pituitary gland tumor (which would explain his unexplained tiredness, irritability, and even his lack of smell) but it could also be just a calcium deposit. His Mom (and Aunt Marie) are coming up for the appointment. I hope she got the package I sent her.

Anyways .. in May, we have TWO weddings: his sister, Marlene's, for which we have rented an amazing look room at a bed & breakfast; and then his coworker's, whom we call Junior, at the end of the month. The day after Junior's wedding, we will be in PA for his friend Johnny's retirement party. Speaking of PA, Eugene, Meagan, and I just took a sort of impromptu trip to Erie on Sunday. We went to Golden Corral (my first time !!), checked on the farm, and visited Kris, where Meagan made friends with several cows, LOL, and then we hit up Krispy Kreme on the way back. Didn't realize they give a 50% off military discount ! Thanks guys ! :D

Not too much other news to share really .. we have two weddings to go to in October too -- Johnny's (which Gene might be a part of) and his cousin Andrew's. So many other people we know just recently got engaged. Meanwhile, Eugene and I are here .. dating for six years .. no engagement yet, LOL. I've been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately, but let's be honest, when am I not ? Some notable items would probably be the coffee cake cupcakes everyone RAVED about, plus Eugene & I did all the cooking for Easter (and a little help from the Broadway Market, lol). Little things like this excite me .. new recipes to try, new things to snack on, lol. I'm a dork. Have been reading a lot too. Just the other day finished the Help which was great. More recent reads include: Gone Girl, Warm Bodies, Room, the Host, and many more I am forgetting (oh and the Fifty Shades trilogy has been read since my last entry, LOL) Fell in love with some new places too: the Palette Cafe at Hodgepodge -- great food, great people, pretty jewelry for sale. Just a nice place. They have amazing baked goods, and do high tea too. Might try to plan Fran (my Dad's coworker)'s retirement party there. Speaking of high tea, I am dying to try this place Mrs. Barthel and my friend Ashly like, White Linen Tea House in Sanborn. And this place called Five Points Bakery. Also have a few other places on my radar, like a German place that's getting great reviews, and Cracker Barrel. LOL I know it's a chain, but I've never been to one ! This week is local restaurant week and I would love to partake, maybe see if Annmarie (the art teacher here whom I've become really close to) and her husband would like to go out, but you know how it is with Gene .. impossible to plan anything in advance. As a matter of fact, they invited us out just last weekend for dinner/drinks, but we ended up having to decline. ):

In other news .. Gene's sister Karen is pregnant again ! Which means we may have Christmas at her house again this year instead of Gene's as originally planned (since it is unlikely she'll be up for travel with a newborn) I am hoping Gene & I get to do some nice vacation this year. Maybe take Meagan and Jack camping, or to the ocean. I didn't get to fly to Puerto Rico in February like I had wanted. Much harder to get time off with this school job. I'm trying to decide what to do for Mom for Mother's Day, maybe send her & Dad to a nice B&B in Clarence ? And what to buy Marlene for her wedding .. I sent her a big blown up canvas photo of her & her fiance Jason for her bridal shower since we couldn't make it down. She LOVED it. :D

Been into a lot of new TV shows lately. We still watch Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, American Horror Story, and Big Bang Theory, but also now Girls, the Following, Bates Motel, and Hannibal are in our rotation.

Anyways, I don't want to ramble too long and make this post ridiculously huge, so I will wrap it up for now. I am sure there is much more to be said and all that jazz, and I am glad it is unblocked for the time being so I have an outlet while I am at work. (:

Talk soon.

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25th birthday, new food loves, HIMYM, Fuzzy Bison, workouts, Gene's issues, books, etc. [09 Feb 2012|09:34am]
[ mood | working ]

AH .. not much downtime these days for significant writing/journaling. I did read an article about how daily journaling/writing (even if just a few sentences in a daily planner) is so good for you. That is why I find it so tough to throw away old planners. Like to look back and see what/how I was doing, listening to/reading, quotes that inspired/motivated me. (:

So what has been going on since my last update .. let's see ..

I realized I am in love with a TV character .. Marshall Eriksen from HIMYM. LOL.

Lots of working out and occasional running, grocery shopping (my new cereal love -- Wegman's Blueberry Muffin Squares -- SO DELISH, also, I have a confession to make .. I love the Emerald Nut on-the-go canisters. I think my favorite is the dark chocolate peanut butter one ..), food (Dad's improvised chicken fajitas, Dad's DELICIOUS turkey chili, etc.)

TV shows .. new episodes of House and New Girl ! Very intense episode of House resulting in Chase getting stabbed. All of the team is starting to turn into House in one way or another. I think Chase is right though, House cares by "not caring." It kind of reminded me of Edith, or other people I know who have an odd way of showing they care. Everyone is different. I think House cares too much, and feels very guilty about what happened to Chase, and even more so that it is affecting his leg(s). New Girl was ridiculous this week too, haha, can we say almost threesome with the landlord !? LOLOL.

Since my last update, my birthday has also passed. I am now a quarter of a century old !! haha Took the day off for my birthday (to prevent working 12 days straight through it) and actually had a pretty wonderful birthday (I think because I had no expectations/plans), and it was full of surprises -- beautiful lapis lazuli jewelry from Eugene to match the necklace he had brought me back from overseas, flower delivery, cookies in the mailbox courtesy of Jim Neiss, DELICIOUS ice cream cake, TV boxed sets from the parents (House, Psych, HIMYM), etc. Got my workout on first thing in the morning so I wouldn't feel guilty indulging haha, slipped into some new clothes (Forever 21 jeans that are so comfy and flattering, and a cute grey shirt from F21 too), went to the base for a new ID (& stopped to see my Lodge peeps), Gene took me out for brunch (which ended up being at Denny's due to the lack of time, and I was so disappointed when I found out they no longer serve the sugar cookie milkshake I never got to try, boo !!), then later on, we went out to dinner at Olive Garden with my parents. It was the first time we had gone to the new Niagara Falls location, and it was a total letdown. Service was HORRIBLE, everyone around us was complaining and getting free meals/food/discounts, and the food was awful too, too salty, no refills or timely service on the unlimited soup/salad/breadsticks, misunderstandings about menu, no offer of grated cheese, etc. Whatevs. So we redeemed the night with ice cream cake, haha. We also stopped by Hobby Lobby to finally check that out (not as awesome as I had expected) and then Gene & I ended up winding down with some HIMYM. :D

For the days following my birthday, my general sentiment was that I could bathe in ice cream cake .. or bury my face in it. Felt similarly about my Dad's chili too. Watched Catfish tonight to kill some time, which was weird. AND I am wearing earrings, that I -- scratch that -- that Gene put in for my birthday and I SLEPT in them. Shocking. I never wear earrings (and by never, I mean, it's like re-piercing my ears to get them in). And if I do, it's like special occasion and then out. WEIRD. They have been in SINCE my birthday.

Eric came up the day after my birthday and stayed for the weekend, though I tried warning him that it was a bad weekend to come up (drill weekend). On Friday, I got my Insanity fix in after work, then Eric, Gene, and I had deeelicious gyros for dinner, random grocery trip, and then Wedding Crashers on TV, lol, since it had been a while since I'd seen it (:

Saturday when Gene FINALLY got out of work/class (close to 7pm) the three of us went to La Galera for some tasty Mexican foods, and finally got to check out the Fuzzy Bison (LOL !), even if it was only for a little bit. Had to celebrate our February birthdays, lol. If I didn't have to be up at 0500, it would've been nice to stay & hang out longer !! I had a whipped vodka & ginger ale which tasted like cream soda, mmm. (Speaking of flavored vodkas, there is a new fruit loops flavor I NEED to try, and a new recipe for the cake vodka milkshake !!!) AND THANKS ERIC FOR THE AWESOME CHRISTMAS/BIRTHDAY PRESENTS !! ♥ He bought me some cookbooks, lol. And he got Meagan a super cool cocktail book that came with a CD, and Mom & Dad an Oriental tea pot.

Superbowl Sunday, I made some cute M&Ms "Heart's Desire" cookies with cherry & regular M&Ms. (: (The recipe is on the back of the bag, lol, but they were delicious and cute, even if I used part Splenda to make them more Dad-friendly) Gene & I were SO tired, so we ended up just chilling with my parents (who made drunk chicken, fried rice, & stir fry) to watch the Super Bowl (YAY GIANTS !!). Sorry to those who invited us out, we were in a zombie-like state. It was Melissa's birthday and she had a party for that & the SB but it was out in Newfane, and Katie had invited us over for some yummy foodstuffs. We could've fallen asleep around halftime though, lol.

Monday, got my sweat on Insanity style .. then the aforementioned INTENSE NEW EPISODE OF HOUSE !! Tuesday I had a freaking foot cramp ALL day. Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuited it up anyways, then watched Source Code with the boy toy. (Still not totally sure how I felt about that movie ..) Made him cinnamon bun waffles (thanks for the idea Pinterest, haha, though IMO, not as good as I had hoped, so I had a PB&J), got him caught up on HIMYM, and then the ridiculous new episode of New Girl, lol. Aunt Regina got in late Tuesday night, and I had made a doctor's appointment for Gene for early Wednesday morning. I think he kind of wanted me to go with him, but I am glad I didn't because he ended up being there WAY longer than expected as they ran many tests on him, and he has to go back today for more tests, then a follow-up appointment in early March. I guess the doc is thinking exercise induced asthma, Gene didn't discuss with him the lumps (including a new one), or the lack of smell, or the night sweats. So definitely have to remember for next time. He had an xray & EKG yesterday, today is stress test day I think. Dad thinks it is probably a combination of asthma, allergies, and bronchial spasms, maybe even chronic bronchitis. We'll see. Anyways .. Mom & Aunt Regina left for Ohio, and Gene's Dad is leaving to go there on Friday. Still not sure if Gene & I are going. It will be cool and not cool all at the same time, because we really just need time to relax. Six hour drives back to back is not necessarily relaxing, though new Walking Dead Sunday (FINALLY) and I think next weekend is a long weekend YAY !! Maybe we can see some friends, lol.

Anyways, Gene took Dad to the base gym for some racquetball, so I stayed back & did Insanity instead, followed by some Chinese buffet, and the purchasing of more books to add to my pile(s) because they were super cheap. I am a book-oholic. One was a Michael J. Fox book that seemed like a good read, and the other was a book with a basset hound on the cover, so how could I say no ? LOL. As if I will ever have time to get to these books. Need to finish my Millennium Trilogy and get on with all my other books first.

It has been dead at work lately. It kind of sucks. I need people I think. I really don't mind working at the base if it wasn't for schedules/crappy people with crappy work ethics. Cuz time goes by so fast there. Got some movies burned this weekend while there too. Need to start watching all those. AND USE OUR FREAKING MOVIE TICKETS IF GENE WILL EVER GO TO A MOVIE !!! Wonder if I should look for another job that could be more challenging for me, or at least more enjoyable, and more money too would be nice. It will be nice to have a spring break though, and summers off. But the boredom can just be so unbearable. Was reading in Shape magazine a couples workout I would like to try. I have had incredibly sore calves lately but would like to try to do the actual 60 days of Insanity for once instead of hopping all over the place. Have been doing it solo, at home, with a sports bra on and no shirt, near a mirror to check for form and such. Probably will do so tonight since Gene works late. Then we might hit up Dad's hockey game since we gotta hang with him since Mom is gone. Idk if he will be okay if I go overnight, but Idk if Gene will go without me to Ohio, plus it would be nice to see his Dad. I guess we'll see how it pans out.

Need to get some grocery shopping done tonight, and expecting some Amazon packages relatively soon. :D Guess I will get back to reading some blogs for now & trying to look busy since there is testing in my lab. Maybe someone will call with a task for me ! We can only hope, lol.

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"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." -- Eleanor R. [30 Jan 2012|10:00am]
[ mood | cold ]

Once again, it has been far too long. So much going on. Regular keeping busy things, a few unexpected things thrown into the mix, and then a lot of thoughts too. Not sure how in depth I want to go right now, as I am just trying to waste time at work as a temporary cure for boredom. If I recall correctly, the last time I updated was 7 January. I would check, but LJ is blocked at the schools. Not too much has gone on in January, at least nothing too remarkable. I'll try to do a quicker, less verbose summary for you.

7 January, Gene & I went for a run to test out some of my UA Cold Gear I had been so excited about. It really did a good job of keeping me warm. It was faster too than usual, and it felt good. Really miss running more frequently, but right now there's like 5" of snow everywhere. UGH. Let's see .. other notable things from January --

My sister made cupcakes & on the bottom of the little liners it read, "A well-balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand," haha. Thought that was funny. Made a photo calendar for Eugene's house, filled with photos of us over the last five years and our families, plus all important dates and things like that. It was very nice how it turned out, many memories, and I tried to use pictures that corresponded with each month. I had been trying to do meal planning on Sundays for each week, and it was going okay for a while, but I think it resulted in us eating too much, so we are trying to dial it back a little, and find some kind of happy medium. Got a few other cold weather runs in (still need to pick up a good headband and maybe some gloves) and of course many rounds of Insanity, and even Gilad workouts. Some meals we made were: skillet paella (MEH), honey lime chicken enchiladas (AWESOME) & fried ice cream, slow cooker jambalaya (MEH), chicken pesto pizza with artichoke hearts (YUM !), creamy avocado pasta (GROSS), flank steak pinwheels, with sweet potatoes & Brussels sprouts, chicken & mango chutney wraps, inspired by January's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine -- rosemary-balsamic turkey cutlets, herbed almond quinoa, & superlight chocolate chip cookies !! :D Daddy made some veggies as a side, & some delicious pudding with a hard shell topping, cuz we really needed TWO desserts, lol. Had a family dinner night where I made panko crusted chicken stuffed with ricotta, spinach, and basil ! (: Dad brought a salad, and Meagan & Jack brought a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie !! It was DELICIOUS. Made cherry almond muffins for breakfast one morning, and Chrissy brainwashed me into thinking I needed orange Hostess cupcakes, which I hadn't had in YEARS. Want to try to make them homemade. For another family dinner night, Mom made sloppy joes, a salad, and we tried our hand at mac & cheese "cupcakes" (set in muffin pans for their form) and then we played Dad's new board game he was excited about, Famous Last Lines, which was fun (: Also had some cherry M&Ms .. didn't even know they made these .. AWESOME !!

We tried this AWESOME all you can eat sushi place, Koi Sushi, which was PHENOMENAL. They just kept bringing you fresh sushi, whatever you ordered, and I think it was $12.99/person. They had delicious sweet potato rolls, veggie tempura, and some AWESOME spicy crab handrolls. YUM YUM YUM.

.. any day that starts with a Tim Horton's french toast bagel & crack -- I mean, coffee, is a good day !! :D We also checked out Vidler's in East Aurora & left with some interesting food finds (coconut Three Musketeers, the TruffleCrisp ones, Air Delight Hershey Kisses, old school tricolor coconut bars, DIY kettle corn, an edible kind of spray paint for foods that I am excited to try) .. and speaking of interesting food, went to Dim Sum for lunch, where we tried many new things, including beef tripe (which is like stomach), though I think everyone's favorite was the steamed custard bun. (: (: Gotta learn to make that. Rekha even gave me a recipe for siopao, which maybe will be easier to follow than my mantou one. Same thing, different name.

Watched the Adjustment Bureau, which brought me back to my old Philosophy class day and really got me thinking for a while. Really enjoyed that movie, though I hadn't originally wanted to see it. Have watched several other movies too, including some I had seen before and in some cases many times (like Awakenings, and Shallow Hal), and Battle: Los Angeles, which was okay. Also caught up on some TV shows, New Girl and House are both back with new episodes, still waiting on Walking Dead. And have been watching HIMYM on my lunch breaks, and catching some of the Big Bang Theory because Dad and Mom keep calling me Sheldon, and making many comparisons to him.

Tried chipotle chili Mexican hot chocolate (Taza disc from Chocolate Bar) and was disappointed. Aslo disappointed that Ricky Gervais was not as funny/crude when hosting this year's Golden Globes. Got a good deal on 3 for $5 creamers though, so picked up Southern Butter Pecan (an old favorite), Almond Joy (which is similar to my all time Coconut Creme fav), and Cinnabon (to try !!) Got a travel mug as a gift from the admins at Abate, so that was nice. (: Been rocking out to some Jason Bonham in the car, and it is impossible to NOT play steering wheel drums along to it, and it MUST be listened to at full volume.

The SOPA thing was a pretty big deal too, but don't really feel like getting into it all right now. Basically, the internet voluntarily blacked out to protest the PIPA/SOPA acts that were going to infringe on the freedom of the internet, through censoring, banning, etc.

Gene has been in North Carolina the last couple of days with his parents, doing some kind of stuff for his Dad's business/company. I don't know all the details yet, but I don't know how I feel about it. I am leery of new companies in this economy, but Gene says he might take part in it should things go sour at the base. (There has been talk about the BRAC and possible closure/cuts at our base) It was actually kind of nice to have a little alone time, got some cleaning/organizing done (closet/clothing kind of stuff, and still NOWHERE NEAR done), got to catch up with some old friends that was very nice, and do a little reading too. Missed Brendan's birthday party because I was SO BEYOND tired, it was insane. I feel horrible, as per usual, but hopefully we can have some one-on-one hangout soon to make up for it.

Finished reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" this past weekend and LOVED it !! Can't wait to start book two. (: But giving my brain some time to digest all of it first .. It was SO incredibly detailed and complex, and many stories within stories. It was wonderful writing, though I was nervous at first because the first few chapters were a little slow, but then all of a sudden it's like BAM crazy intense !! I am freaking out because book three is going to be like re-released or something and therefore won't be available until the 21st or something, and I'm not going to want to wait !! Need to keep reading, it is so intriguing !! That was probably the highlight of my last few weeks.

Have been enjoying some intellectually stimulating conversation thanks to a few friends. Have really missed talks like this, talks about life. Discovering things about myself everyday. Wish I could get into more detail, but don't want to take up too much time here at work.

Um .. in current news, Gene is supposed to be coming home sometime late tonight. Wednesday is my birthday, and I am planning to take a personal day (since it is also drill weekend this weekend, and I don't want to work 12 days straight through my birthday) Don't really have anything planned for the birthday, and because Gene had to take so much time off for the NC trip, I think he is only taking a half day. But it will be good to sleep in and relax on my day, even if there is no reason to take it off other than to use up one of two personal days I have to use or lose. That and like I said, nice break in the long work week. Drill weekend should be okay, planning to hit up the Fuzzy Bison (the new Club on base) to see Ashly bartending and maybe grab a drink with Katie & Ben (the reservist who works with us) because all of our birthdays are this month. Eric wants to come up soon, but I am secretly hoping he waits til we are less busy and can actually enjoy our time together, plus I would like some alone time with Gene, such a prized commodity these days it seems. Probably no sleepovers in the near future, which kind of stinks because I wanted to make him some new breakfast recipes, he is such a good guinea pig, lol. Uncle Jim was supposed to come up this past weekend but surprise (sarcasm), he called it off, and said maybe this weekend. We'll see I guess. Next weekend, Aunt Regina comes up, and Mom is going to Ohio, wants me & Gene to come help with truck, etc. And then Gene has a USAF trip some other time this month. Yay for busy busy. NOT. ): Joe & Liz had invited us over for dinner but I had to decline, seeing as Gene was out of town. So maybe we can see them sometime soon, and also Trish since she keeps inviting us too, and I'd like to thank her in person for my Christmas gift. I NEED to renew my military ID, maybe I can do that on Wednesday since I will be taking the day off. Haven't been able to do it yet because of the screwy hours there, and it expires this coming weekend. Would rather not try to get it done on a drill, would be very hectic. I found a new chocolate chip oatmeal that I am excited to try today haha (the little things, lol) and want to make some new desserts too !!

I guess I will stop writing because this is already much longer than I had anticipated, and I didn't even really cover the thoughts/emotions that I really should in a "journal." Next time.

PS. Woke up with Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm" in my head ..
Oh also, got a pair of cute summer workout shorts for 38 cents at Sears, haha. Gene had a $10 award card. I have to go back there soon because they have a LOT of cute stuff on SUPER sale. Also want to try the "holiday" K-cups, which come in flavors like golden french toast, eggnog, and gingerbread. Wish I didn't have to buy a 40-pack though without tasting them first .. /: Don't want to commit to something if I am not sure I will like it, yknow ?

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Christmas in Minnesota, Part II with my fam, New Year's at the Neiss', etc. :D :D :D [07 Jan 2012|09:49am]
[ mood | working ]

Hey there .. it's been a while, heh. Lots of busy-ness with holidays and such. Recap time ?

The last day I updated, 20 Dec, turned out to be a pretty great day. :D Gene was sick (with what he thinks was pneumonia), but we headed out shopping anyways (turned up emptyhanded though) but while out we stopped by Chuck & Melanie's new house in NT to visit with them, and Chrissy & Ricky who were in town for the holidays, plus their new puppy Gunther !! He is a cutie !! A little ball of energy too, lol. Chrissy had Christmas presents for me which was sweet and awesome and caught me totally off guard, because I didn't have anything for her this year with all the other craziness going on. Her Mom made homemade chocolates and sponge candy and gave me a little box of them & a bag of my own "sponge" (non-chocolate coated) YUM and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Chrissy's gifts -- a box of Cupcake Bites (CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THEM !!! Found out they also make red velvet ones now too !!) and a cute little cupcake tea cup and coaster ! She knows me too well, haha. Cake-themed is always good by me haha. We visited with them for a while, and then headed home, and to grab some food on the way, so we stopped by Mighty Taco to meet up with THE MATT CASCARINO !!!! Who was also in town visiting. This is the first time I've seen him IN ALMOST TWO YEARS since he's been away at flight school and such. It was good to see him, though our visit was brief, I miss him a bunch, and hope to see him soon, or at least keep in better touch !!

Wednesday 21 Dec was my last day of work for the holidays. There were some parties going on. Finished all shopping and wrapping that day so I could have the next day for last minute touches & packing for our trip. American Horror Story finale too, which was pretty awesome in retrospect. Wasn't sure how I felt at first, with Ben dying, and all that jazz .. but the end was a good one, with Tate's kid's sinister side showing through. Also it was 53 degrees in WNY which was AWESOME. And first winter break for me SINCE HIGH SCHOOL.

Thursday 22 Dec was pack day. Marlene came up to drive with us, and I threw a bunch of warm clothes together, had Dad sign some of his books for the kids. We set out probably around 2:15 PM. I sat in the backseat most of the ride, and brought a book, though I forgot a book light and the drive was mostly in the dark, so that sucked. The drive down took about 16 hours or so, with us getting in around 5:30 AM their time. (They are an hour behind us) Gene drove mostly the whole time, and I tried to sleep in the car but just couldn't, which made me miserable. Not to mention I was PMSing so that added to the crankiness. We hit stand still traffic in Cleveland pretty bad, but the rest of the drive wasn't bad. Ventured into some new states, Indiana, Illinois (Chicago at night was SUPER pretty !!), Wisconsin, and then finally, Minnesota.

The kids woke us up a few hours later, so we got pretty crappy sleep that night. We spent the day just relaxing with the family, playing with the kids, meeting baby Eliza (who is SO HAPPY), and medicating Eugene because he was feeling pretty crappy. I think this was the night she had people over too, which didn't thrill Gene and his siblings. Plus we ate like crap the whole time we were gone (and I don't mean like eating junk, I mean barely eating, though we did have some junk too) Gene's Dad told me I look like skin and bones and asked if Gene's been feeding me, LOL.

Christmas Eve, we headed out with Gene's parents to the Mall of America, just so I could say I'd been there, and so we could get a little last minute shopping done. Someone had bought the same thing for Anthony that we had, so we decided to save that for Jack and pick up something new for Anthony. Plus we got another thing for Steph and Tye (an electric griddle because theirs broke on day one of our visit) I picked up a shotglass and a keychain from the state (mine and Aunt Regina's collections, lol) and we stopped by an Ikea, though it was closing, so I just got my marzipan fix and got out. WISH we had an Ikea in WNY !!! Among other things like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. SIGH. We also hit up this place called Fleet Farm for a few things and while there found this adorable Snoopy on his mailbox Christmas yard light up ornament, that I KNEW would be perfect for my parents, and Gene suggested his parents give it to my parents as a gift, since Mom & Dad sent them a Coca Cola collectible Christmas decoration with Emmett Kelly (the clown). After our shopping, we headed back to Stephanie's house, and mostly relaxed for the night. She dispersed our matching "Christmas Eve PJs" which were actually surprisingly comfy and cute ! The girls had long sleeved red tops and black capris, and the boys had short sleeve red shirts, and fuzzy warm black pants. Stephanie hadn't started ANY of her wrapping, so we were all up til all hours helping her wrap and helping put presents under the tree. Gene was feeling like absolute garbage despite all the meds he was taking (DayQuil, Mucinex, and scrounged up antibiotics since his insurance had a mix up and he wouldn't be insured til the 1st of Jan) I finally took him to bed around 0315, and I guess everyone else stayed up another three hours or so til around 0615 to finish wrapping. I couldn't do it. Not sleeping was making him worse, and making me feel crappy, and I knew the kids would be up early for Christmas.

SO anyways .. Christmas. Steph was asleep on the couch so the kids patiently waited a little bit to start opening presents. We probably started around 0930/1000. It lasted until 1430 !!! There were I think 14 of us in all. It was CRAZY. Presents EVERYWHERE. His family always spoils us though. I got a Kindle Touch (which I am skeptical about because I love books and have never really been a Kindle fan but I am sure I can find some uses for it, not to sound ingrateful or anything, just not my style I guess, we'll see) I got an AWESOME Under Armour gym bag from Steph & Tye, as well as a Camel Bak, and some other awesome presents including a birthday cake scented candle, and a bag for toiletries while traveling. Got a memory foam pillow from Marlene, Karen gave everyone jewelry and awesome photo gifts of the whole fam and then others of Eliza. Got a nice bottle of wine from PopPop and some other things too. Traditional peanuts of course .. poker set (though Gene bought me a nice one a few birthdays ago) .. Gene got a printer, a food saver, lots of money, a blanket, a new bomber jacket, some serving platter, etc. We hadn't eaten all morning so Gene's Dad finally cooked up some fish that was in the freezer and we had some eggnog. Everyone seemed to LOVE their presents from us which made me happy. Especially baby Eliza. Gene & I took a nap on the couch while everyone watched Home Alone. We stayed in our comfy PJs all day. Met Tye's brother Ryan who gave us each a $25 giftcard to Best Buy, and I think we should send them something in return. Back home Uncle Mike had mailed us two $25 giftcards, one to Outback and one to IHOP, so we should send him something too. We had cookie cake to celebrate the many December birthdays, and we played with the kids some more. Mo & Steph got into a fight. I tried to play around on the kids new guitar. Steph gave us some hand me down stuff she was getting rid of -- mirrors/artwork/household stuff/furniture for our house. We tried to get to bed at a reasonable hour so we could wake up early & hit the road.

0500 26 Dec, we wake up, shower, pack up, say our goodbyes, and venture out into the sunrise. Mo drove with her parents for most of the trip (we followed each other until Cleveland where they spent the night and we continued home) The drive home seemed SO MUCH faster/better than the drive there, when in reality it was probably an hour/hour and a half longer due to detouring around Chicago to avoid $50 in tolls. I guess it was because we were driving during daylight/normal hours when we would be awake. It was fun. Got to see the Mississippi River, and we stopped off in Wisconsin and Illinois to get gas/eat, so I picked up more shotglasses/keychains. We never stopped in Indiana but if I was smart I would've bought something from the Ohio gift shop that said Indiana on it. Oh well. We listened to some of the Sabres game via Gene's WGR app, and we all had fun talking and chatting. We got in around 11:30 at night, and I stayed at Gene's because why head home then ? We unpacked the truck, Mo slept for a few hours before getting back on the road around 0600, and we slept in til maybe 0830/0900.

Then we hit Tim Horton's and headed to my parents for Christmas Part II. They were playing a Wii fishing game Mom got Dad for Christmas, though Mom, Meagan, and Gene seem to be having the most fun playing it. Of course we were spoiled again, but I was most excited to give my family their presents because I thought we did REALLY good this year !! :D :D Mom LOVED her UA sports bra, Zumba capris, rum, and scrapbooking calendar. Meagan & Jack got the Wii, Red Lobster gift card, Crown Royal, r/c helicopter, two books, shot glass game (Shooters and Ladders) and her beloved penguin hat haha. We surprised Dad with his Pink Floyd tix taped to a keg of cheese balls, hahaha, and a Herman Munster shirt, and Animal House boxed set. GENE LOVED HIS R/C AIRPLANE but is afraid to fly it and damage it, though while putting it together did some damage due to a faulty screw. I think he patched it up good enough though that it shouldn't matter. He also LOVED his 3-in-1 toaster I FINALLY bought and his jeans and t-shirts. As for me, I was THRILLED to finally get my Bosu ball, a NICE heart rate monitor, ANOTHER Camel Bak (from Gene, lol), UA scarf and headband, a pie pop maker and kitchen torch from Meagan (plus some books I had been wanting, though Sammy took a bite of one of them, lol -- Nikkie ate the original canister of butane fuel for the torch !! and she got ahold of Gene's aviation coasters too !! Those were salvageable though.) I got a coat, scarf, other books and movies, and TV shows (Munsters, Addams Family, Walking Dead, Dexter) and other cooking stuff, like a cookie press. Gene got a lot of nice stuff too. I can't even remember it all. He took us all out to lunch afterwards and then we all napped and relaxed, playing the fishing game and stuff. I tried on the pair of Zumba capris I had bought myself when I bought Mom's and they are SO flattering !! LOVE it. Haven't tried the undies yet.

Gene had to go back to work the next day, so I hit up Forever 21 with my parents & sister. Got a VERY flattering pair of jeans there, a blue skirt (because I need more skirts/dresses to wear with my new pairs of tights !!) and something else .. a shirt maybe ? Idr. I had contemplated whether to get this cute pencil skirt, but Mom & Meagan were only halfway sold so I held off, though I really want a nice one. They got some B&BW stuff and I almost bought a calendar but then decided I would do what Mo did and make a photo one for Gene & I. (: Customized with everyone's bdays and stuff. Gene was still feeling crappy, so we had some R&R time and watched Transformers : Dark of the Moon, which was okay. Picked up a running skirt on sale at Wal Mart, had been wanting to try one, and it's cute. Got some oatmeal on sale, and some bath stuff and shaving stuff for Gene half off at Target too.

Thursday while Gene was working, I went thrifting with the family, ended up buying a nice pair of grey work pants that fit pretty good (size 4, a little big), a cute top, a vest type thing, and almost a polka dot skirt, but Meagan convinced me not to get that one. We hit up Big Lots in Lockport, got more nail polish pens, and went to Sweet Sixteen Cafe for lunch which was AWESOME. I got a half sandwich/soup and all the meals come with a mini cupcake ! Plus we got some of their "cake pops" to go (theirs are the cake on a stick ones we'd had before, not like your regular round cake pops). Pina colada ones were DELISH. For dinner, I made butter chicken (from a box, not as good as homemade or restaurant, but Gene liked it). We watched Limitless (which I liked, but he didn't) and he assembled his airplane ! A problem with a screw lead to the propeller flying off and cutting into the wing, but like I said, he patched it up nicely.

Friday the 30th was Meagan & Jack's first wedding anniversary AND I got some EXCITING NEWS -- LISA AND STEVE ARE ENGAGED !! My little cousin ! Steve proposed on Christmas or Christmas Eve I guess. He is awesome, so I am very happy for them !! Of course, this lead to questions of my future engagement, etc etc. haha. OH WELL. Painted my nails with the OPI Rainbow Connection polish I had been SO EXCITED for and it was ALL I HAD HOPED FOR hahah I had SO much fun, it was like a confetti glitter explosion on my nails, perfect party nails for New Years !! ^__^ Mom & Dad had a wedding to go to, so Gene & I watched some Twilight Zone (including an awesome episode called To Serve Man which Gene called was serve as in eating, like Soylent Green style) and had some astronaut ice cream (: I am easily pleased haha. Bob Evans for dinner in search of waffles for Gene which ended in disappointment, lol.

Saturday was New Year's Eve and we had pushed back our dinner/movie plans with Neiss for then. I used it as an excuse to get dressed up and wear a new dress I had bought in the Fall and never had a chance to wear, with one of my new pairs of tights, and new earrings too !! That was a pain, since I don't wear them often, it is always like repiercing, lol. Ouch. Wore my hair down. Made him a special "popcorn cake" that was a HIT with EVERYONE !! Dinner was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS -- shrimp appetizers, steak, baked potatoes, salad for dinner. We watched the Hangover Part II, and did our little gift exchange, which was a surprise this year ! Last year we swapped movie giftcards, this year I put together a little movie night snack basket for him, and he gave me this awesome and unique fish wall art, and Gene one of those atomic clock/thermometers. Mom & Dad got a photo ID phone and Meagan & Jack got an ornament. It was a nice time visiting with them and their animals, plus Gene got to check out his new AR Drone -- the one controlled by the iPod/iPhone/iPad with a camera on it. I had wanted to buy it for Gene in the past but it is SO expensive !! We made it home by 11:30, watched the ball drop, then I got my stuff together and spent the night at Gene's.

New Year's Day we got the paper to clip coupons and I realized it had the BIG annual New Year's Day crossword !! WOO !! So our day consisted of that and Twilight Zone marathon (like every year recently haha) until we stopped by Nas & Anas' house later on, to finally meet their newest little one, Fahad ! It was nice to catch up with them, as always. I am a little jealous of how close she seems to be with Katie now, but it's whatevs. I guess it's just because Katie is so different at the Lodge that I am never sure what to think of her. Seems fake I guess, Idk.

We were both off on Monday, so that day was also spent lounging, working on the crossword (I got REALLY far ALL ON MY OWN !!) and he played video games. We went to Denny's for dinner, where we caught up with Quinn which was nice (: We had some of the holiday foods including bread pudding french toast (MMM) and pumpkin pie pancakes, and ham. I want to go back soon just to try their sugar cookie milkshake !!! :D Fun little date idea. (: We went grocery shopping with our coupons which took FOREVER and we always seem to not get enough food, but I want my New Year's resolution this year to be meal planning on Sundays while Gene does his grocery clipping, and then shopping for what we'll need for said meals throughout the week, so we are not rushing out for ingredients last minute after work. This will save us time, money, and calories !! :D

Tuesday I went back to work. It was nice to have my first real winter break since high school. I spent the rest of the day working on the crossword and the photo calendar since it was too freeeezing to do anything else.

Wednesday I was still working on that darn crossword and photo project, though the rest of my day was pretty good. Daddy made us an awesome dinner (stir fry & sweet potatoes) and then Gene & I ventured out to the Island to visit with Meagan & Jack (Meagan had picked up EZ Pass stickers for him) and we finally gave Sammy his Christmas gift. Gene got to check out their new fireplace and the awesome keg tap thing Mom & Dad gave them that stores liquor and glasses. Meagan was sick so we didn't stay long. Plus Mom & Dad wanted to meet at Gene's to work out, so we did a quick Insanity Cardio Abs. Felt good to work out since we hadn't been able to in so long due to travels and whatnot. Need to get back into the routine. Exercising, eating better, sleeping, etc. After that, we stopped by Old Navy because Mom had bought me a GORGEOUS pair of jeans but I need them in a smaller size, so I got a 4 for now. I fit into 2s and 4s, yay ! Smaller than EVER !! I really should head back their soon, so many good sales going on (not that I have much money, lol).

Thursday we stopped by Sears to look for the adjustable dumbbells Gene wants. Then we visited with Pam for a while, so Gene could give her some money towards the elliptical and just to catch up which was nice. Made me miss some of my Lodge peeps.

Yesterday, we had a nice night in. Gene didn't want to do much because he's still not at 100% so we did Insanity Core Cardio & Balance (recovery disc) which still made me sweat to death and killed my hips and shoulders, but I really need to get back into it. I do so good and then something derails me haha. But people are noticing my hard work which is nice. (: Can't wait to use all my new gear !!! After that we made a quick grocery run because Gene has been craving waffles FOREVER. SO alas, we made Belgian waffles (his with peanut butter) and DELICIOUS HOMEMADE breakfast sandwiches in his AWESOME 3-in-1 toaster !! :D :D :D We watched 127 Hours too because it was one of the shorter movies in our stack and I had been wanting to see it for a while though Gene wasn't keen on the idea. I liked it though. It was tough to watch at times, very realistic, and crazy that it's a true story and the dude STILL climbs. Regardless of the arm cutting scene, I could only think about how painful it would have been to have contacts in that whole time hahah.

Anyways, so here I am back at the Lodge for drill weekend. Caught up with Ashly this morning, she is starting bartending at the Club, and Jasmine is going back to school. We all need to get together soon or something ! I am burning some DVDs while chilling here, catching up with people, employee-wise and customer-wise. Guess I will save for now though and get on with my shift. Not sure what's on the agenda for today, Gene wants to cancel Time Warner (they dropped MSG which carries the Sabres games) so maybe catch up on our DVRed Futuramas. It is nice out, so maybe a run ? We'll see. Want to plan out our meals for next week and finally submit this calendar too so we can have it sometime before January is over, haha. I wanted to write a more reflective post since I have been thinking a lot with the start of a new year and all that's happened last year, but it will have to wait til next time it seems ..

Talk later (:

PS. Had some really weird dreams lately .. most notably fishing at Hyde Park on the bridge with Mom & Dad and hooking a big one, so Dad reeled it in, and it was a DOG. A fish dog. LOL. Reminded me of Sammy.

Also, on a sad note, Drew & Jen got pregnant again. But shortly after we found out, they miscarried. ): Prayers for them.

AND one more thingggg -- Today is Russian Christmas for Gene's fam which we are obviously missing for UTA AND his cousin's new wife (Dan & Stephanie)'s baby shower ! I had wanted to send a gift or at least a giftcard, but I totally forgot !! /: I wonder if I should still send one late ? /: I never know what to do when it comes to stuff like this, like how much is appropriate ..

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.. sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead. [20 Dec 2011|09:44am]
[ mood | rushed ]

So yesterday was a pretty boring and uneventful day. After work, I got some more Christmas wrapping done. Gene got out of work earlier than expected and stopped by to open stocking stuffers. I got a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which we all had some of. He wasn't feeling well, so he took some Zicam and headed home, and I went out to BJs with my parents, figuring maybe I would see something I could pick up for Gene. Well, didn't pick up anything there .. afterwards we stopped by Old Navy, Target, and Game Stop, and all I got was a pair of jeans, and an $8 Pink Floyd t-shirt Dad persuaded me into buying for Gene. Meh. I hate getting him only clothes, but he actually said he wanted new jeans so .. I was looking for a keyboard for his PS3 to no avail, and at Target found a car care gift set for $21 and a barbecue grill set for $20, so those are always there if I can't come up with anything better today. But I have already spent a lot of money on him so Idk. His two present that aren't clothes are pretty awesome/expensive, and the Bender shirt will be a hit too I'm sure. Not to mention we still need to get the PF tix, which will be a little pricy. Meagan still owes me for the aviation coasters I ordered for Gene from her, and if she doesn't pay me, I will give them to him from me then. I could use the cash for our upcoming road trip.

Anyways, our shopping outing kept us out much later than expected so I sadly missed my workout ): ): and ended up being unable to watch a movie with Gene by the time things were said and done. I just went home, wrapped a little more, and chatted with Chrissy. I really can't wait to see her. Speaking of people who are in town, MATT CASCARINO texted me yesteday wanting to hang out !!! He is in town for a few days, and I haven't seen him in ALMOST TWO YEARS, it's crazy, I can't believe it !! Hopefully we will see him today, and maybe Chrissy too. Gene called off work today, so maybe I can convince him to pick up our last few presents while he is off today. Though I kind of needed him to hit the BX for me too ..

Well, gotta get to work .. more later.

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"We can't control the things that happen in our lives, but we can control how we face them." [19 Dec 2011|10:02am]
[ mood | working ]

Okay, so as of last update, the weekend has come and gone. It was a moderately relaxing and enjoyable one though. Friday night Gene ended up working way late, like til almost 7 o'clock, and his parents were scheduled to make it in around 9 (which turned into more like 11). Since Gene was still at work at dinner time, the family & I got the Gate's cajun baked fish/fish fry and brought it back home to enjoy it. I LOVE their meals there. The baked cajun is what I usually get and it comes with grilled peppers and onions atop the fish, a side of slaw, buttered bread, and some of the best french fries EVER. Thin and crispy just like I like 'em ! (: After dinner, Jim Neiss came by to hang out, and he brought some of Marie's Christmas cookies to sample. We chatted & watched the Sabres game, and then they started a movie, but I headed to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up bright & early (before ANYONE else, lol) to get ready for some estate saling. We found some good stuff while out -- a cute little black clutch (perfect for weddings, since my regular clutch is kind of ripped and torn from years of wear) and a big stack of books, including some I'd been wanting to read, and some I picked up for Meagan (two of my favorites from college years -- Eat Pray Love and Holy Cow) They were all $1 or $1.50 -- even hardcovers !! We ended up trying out the new Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Transit road for lunch. No one told me how huge their burgers were, and I assumed the "little burger" menu was for kids !! I should've ordered off that haha. Anyways, the food was great, but I was full for the rest of the day, lol. I ordered a cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, grilled onions, BBQ sauce, and hot sauce ! And we got two orders of SMALL fries (one of each flavor -- regular, and Cajun) and they were HEAPING. The three of us couldn't even finish one barely !! WHICH IS CRAZY TALK FOR MY FAMILY, LOL !! On the way home, we stopped by George Edwards jewelers to drop off Dad's wedding ring to get fixed. Afterwards Gene met us out at Big Lots and we picked up some presents there (a candle for his grandfather, and a few other things including these butterflies & fireflies in a jar that everybody LOVED, lol) After that we hit up Marshall's, which wasn't as good as recent years, we went to Under Armour with Mom to pick up a cardigan for Meagan (we're doing Jack's shopping for him), and then Wal-Mart to get Dad a new pair of insoles for his shoes. While there I picked up a Red Lobster gift card for Jack & some boxes of candy to make a movie basket for Jim Neiss. I think after that we called it quits and went home for a while.

We decided to hit up the Holiday Market and see what all the fuss was about, and we strolled around freezing our butts off for a while, but tried some Zillycakes creations -- a salty caramel macaron, and some mini cupcakes. Dad picked up some muffaletta & apple cherry sauce, and I toyed with the idea of purchasing some snacks. After that, we drove around the Falls, and Dad wanted to make one last stop at Fashion Bug (looking for a sweater for Meagan) and while there I got some fuzzy socks for the girls. I slept over Gene's house which was nice, and we had Mom & Dad pick us up amidst their estate saling, hit up one sale with them, and then Sam's Club, where we got EVEN more gifts -- a book of firearms for his Dad, a speaker for his Mom, some kites for the kids, etc. We then went our separate ways for lunch, so he could get some stuff done on the truck, and we reconvened after, to do the first day of stocking stuffers !! (My family used to do "12 days of Christmas" but as we got older it decreased to 7 days.) I spent most of the afternoon wrapping presents, and am STILL not done, plus we STILL need to do a little more shopping !! At least we've got it figured out though what we still need. We had PB&J for dinner, and then all headed to Gene's to get our workout on. Want to get in as much as possible leading up to our trip so I don't feel as guilty during the holidays. Mom & I did Cardio Abs which I felt right away, in the seated C-sit plank.

Now I am at work, and it is probably going to be a pretty boring day/week, but I did get a $10 giftcard to Tim Horton's from Judy Martin, the Focus on Families lady that I help every week !! I am sincerely grateful ! I was shocked to get a present !! I so love my Tim Hos too. Mom bought us some on Saturday amidst our shopping madness and boy did it hit the spot. Why is it always better when you buy it there ?? Do they put crack in it or something !?! haha.

Anyways, Chrissy is home for the holidays and I hope to see her a bunch !! Can't wait to meet her new puppy, Gunther !! I am texting Jamie right now, she is going through some tough stuff. ): I texted Nas, but got no response, and feel very sad since we haven't seen them in a while, and she used to be one of my better/closest friends. I am guessing they are just busy with the new baby and the holidays. I texted Pam too to make sure she didn't think we forgot about paying her for the elliptical, lol. I miss my friends. After the holiday craziness I need to get in touch with them all !!! Katie texted me and told me there were rumors I was pregnant at the lodge, but when I text her, even if she initiates the text, she never responds. /:

Plans for today include hopefully finishing up shopping and wrapping !! We need to pick up a new scope for Gene's Dad, Pink Floyd tickets for my Dad, a toy for Sammy, some liquor for Jack, and that is pretty much all I think. Maybe a few small things here & there. Maybe hit up the Mall of America while in MN !! After Christmas sales on the way home. (: Gene supposedly works late, but I hope he gets out in enough time to accompany me to UB for the tickets. I am hoping to split the cost on two credit cards. We'll see. Guess I should get back to work for now though. I should try to brainstorm a few small ideas for Gene, to round out his presents.

PS. I guess Meagan & Jack have been fighting pretty hardcore, like .. physically. So let's hope things get better on that front. Approaching one year anniversary soon.

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Girl, look at that body .. I work out. [16 Dec 2011|10:47am]
[ mood | working ]

Trying to update again while at school. Sucks cuz I can't post them from here, and haven't posted them right away, but oh well. At least I'm getting it done, maybe I will post these entries later. So last update was Monday, the beginning of the week, and right now it is Friday at 1030 AM, the end of the week, HOORAY. Let me try to fill you in on what's been going on. Very emotional week, plus have been having lots of weird dreams lately. Wish I knew what they meant !!

Anyways .. Monday night, Gene & I had that dinner double date with Drew. I dressed up a little wearing skinny jeans & my new brown colored wedge boots !! Jen loved them, so that was cool. Also accessorized with a belt I found that matched the color of the boots. (: And I wore the cartouche necklace Gene gave me. We went to one of my all time fave restaurants -- Jasmine Thai, and I had my usual -- peanut chicken & Thai iced tea. YUM YUM YUM. Jen did the same, and loved it ! Gene ordered soft shell crab & curry roll appetizers for everyone to split (tasty as usual) and he has his seafood combination panang, and Drew got a seafood salad. Afterwards we got a few orders of banana coins, but misordered, thinking we were getting the combo with ice cream. Oh well, no big deal. I meant to bring Drew & Jen some of the Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies I made but Gene forgot them at home, so he brought them to them the next day. Jen gave me some of the tasty white trash she had made (I've also heard it called puppy chow). We got a little bit of shopping done post-dinner since we were out by the mall anyways (hit up Kohl's) but then I had to get home to finish editing that stressfully long paper, UGH. The woman sounded pretty unappreciative too, telling me she wanted the changes off to the side in a different color, hahahaha. That would've made her paper well over 100 pages with all the errors I found, plus I definitely should've charged more like $175. Lesson learned. She sent out the check, and I got it, so I need to cash it ASAP.

Tuesday night, I had a long crying sesh with Gene, which led to some productive talks, and made me realize I probably depend on him to my BFF a little too much, putting some strain on our relationship. I realized a few other things too, and felt better at the end of the night. Got a little arm weight sesh in and watched New Girl, and headed to bed.

Wednesday, I did Insanity Cardio Abs with Gene (love it !! somewhat of a fav, even though short) had a PB& J for dinner (something I haven't had in ages and LOVED it) and we watched Red Riding Hood, which was okay, kind of Twilight-esque. Then watched American Horror Story (not sure how I feel about the Vivien thing /: ) and cuddled my dogs ..

Thursday, yesterday, we had our IT department Christmas luncheon, and I knew it was going to be horrible and awkward, and guess what, I was right. I was seated at a table away from everyone I knew and liked, and my table barely talked at all, making the hour long lunch pretty unbearable. OH WELL. Food was okay, but a big departure from my usual oatmeal, so that made me feel a little crappy, like I had to get an extra workout in since I had cake, and have been skimping out workout wise this week, especially lacking in the cardio department. OH WELL. After work I stopped by the store to pick up some ingredients to break in my donut pan !!! I WAS SO EXCITED !! I made baked eggnog vanilla donuts with eggnog rum glaze, mmmm !! Had leftover batter so made a few muffins too, lol. I think everyone liked them ! Very festive for the holidays, hehe. Gene stopped by, but I ultimately headed over to his house to work out/watch a movie, which we did neither of. We had a freezer pizza for dinner, but it was Buffalo chicken so that made it tolerable. Watched a few episodes of the Twilight Zone, but then I left because a) I was freezing, b) I wanted to go to bed early, c) I wanted to try to get a workout in and Gene wasn't feeling it, and d) I was a little upset upon finding out his parents might be coming up this weekend and SPENDING THE NIGHT on their way to his sister's house. UGH. There goes my weekend plans AGAIN !!! Not that I don't like seeing his parents but COME ON !! I know it is selfish so I am trying to quelch it but UGH. ): Anyways to make a long story short, no workout last night (but cute outfit courtesy of new black boots, flowy grey cardi, super soft v-neck, and skinny jeans !) and fell asleep by 9:30, which I think helped me out anyways. I have been feeling so run down/burnt out/and just generally tired lately.

As for tonight, I'm not sure what's going on, when his parents are coming up, etc. His Mom bought a new car though which is cool. I want to work out, scratch that, NEED to. Have slacked way too much for all of this holiday eating. This is not like me. Also I am so broken out, probably from stress. UGH. Anyways .. on the agenda for me -- workout, possible shopping ? Dunno if I will sleep over or not anymore. Wanted to sleep in, make a nice breakfast for him and coffee, and then relax and do whatever we wanted to do. LE SIGH.

Now onto the dream front -- one of the strange dreams I had earlier in the week, Gene was working out in shorts, when they fell down and revealed this super short lingerie-esque skirt !! LOL That's about the extent of what I remember. I had another dream about NYC and meeting some friends there, but in the process, losing my family & Gene. And last night's dream, which I should've wrote down upon waking so I would remember more of the details -- my fam, Gene, and I were at this rickety old house in the middle of nowhere, and we were in danger (but I don't remember from what .. I am thinking like the Hills Have Eyes mountain people type thing) so I escaped and ran to find help, running around this town aimlessly, finding no one, and I ended up back at the house (there was a dog I think too ?) and their truck was still out front, indicating they hadn't left yet. They were supposed to leave, and get the truck, drive to me and meet up with me, picking me up .. and Idr anything else. Weird right ? Hm.

Did I mention how great it was to wake up in the middle of the night to Beef nestled up to me, resting his head in my neck !? I have the best snuggle buddies !! (:

PS. I will PAY someone to rub my neck/shoulders that are so super sore today (along with the rest of me that is sore too for some reason)

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Oh, oh sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah .. [12 Dec 2011|11:20am]
[ mood | working ]

So yesterday was a relatively uneventful day. Just have been lacking in the motivation department I guess. I really want to start a real blog, instead of just my journal here, though this serves some purposes the blog would not be able to address most likely.

Jim Neiss came over to do Meagan's headshots and ended up staying for quite a while, just visiting, and having lunch. He asked me a number of fitness and nutrition questions, and I asked him for some camera help. I had my leftovers from the Asian Bistro (still delicious !!) and he showed us the iPod-controlled airplane with a camera that he is getting for Christmas. I wanted to get Gene one before, but they are very expensive ! I think he will like his presents this year though -- Neiss was surely impressed. I still need to pick up a few small things for him since the Camaro hoodie and Call of Duty fleece sold out (maybe potential birthday presents instead ??)

Anyways .. Gene was too busy cleaning to come over and visit with the Neissy, so I just let him be. Tried to edit some of that paper, and made some buns & chicken sausage with pineapple for dinner. Eventually, the parents & I ventured over to his house for a workout, but Dad was feeling low (probably a side effect of his new shot) so Mom & I started to make another big batch of those Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies Gene's coworkers have been requesting. I feel like it was a lot easier this time in some ways (added cooking spray to my hands) and we made two dozen. If there are some left over, I want to bring some to Drew & Jen, and maybe send some to Chrissy & Ricky. We'll see I guess. They are not my favorite cookie, but I think other people are intrigued by them and that is why they get so many requests, lol. So yeah .. after the great cookie adventure, we worked out with the dudes for a bit, I did a few arm workouts, nothing special. Then Dad helped Gene with his math homework, while we watched hilarious Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. When we finally got home, I tried to edit more of the paper, but instead went to bed, and left Dad to work on it a little.

I finished the paper today at work, excluding the eleven pages of references. I think the woman who wrote it was a little passive agressive when I said it wouldn't be done last night if she wanted a more thorough read through, but whatever. I should've charged more as this has been very time consuming and stressful. Lesson learned I guess.

But yes, as of right now, (11:15), it is a pretty boring day at work. Had a few calls that I tended to, and now just waiting for lunch break. Speaking of lunch break, I guess we have an IT department Christmas luncheon on Thursday, and Friday is the Lodge's annual Christmas party (no Secret Santa this year) which I don't know if I will be able to attend due to work. Maybe I can swing by after .. I guess we'll see.

I really hate sitting in these itty bitty elementary school chairs at a computer all day, it is really taking a toll on my posture. I have to remind myself to straighten up. I also need to invest in some teeth whiteners. I am so jealous of Gene's eerily white teeth when he drinks WAY more coffee than I do. I use a pre-brush whitener, and whitening toothpaste, but I still feel inadequate, lol. I want to dress up for dinner tonight (if we are still doing it) and maybe even do my hair, though my face is all broken out which sucks. I have so many new shoes to break in and show off, haha. Hopefully with his classes wrapping up, Gene will be less stressed, and we can get some shopping done, and maybe have some time together, which we haven't really had in over a month. I know I have been less than agreeable at times lately, but he needs to take into consideration my feelings, and maybe what he has done to contribute to them.

Anyways, I have forgotten much of what I wanted to say so I guess I should go and be productive for the next twenty minutes or so until I leave for lunch. Adios.

PS. Aunt Regina asked Mom if I was anorexic, which is ridiculous. There are MANY people in the world skinnier than me, plus I eat all the time. I wonder if other people see me differently than I see myself. I have been not a fan of my face in photos lately though. I hope my boobs don't get smaller, lol. I like them the way they are. Mom says I have a bigger bone structure, which makes me look skinnier than the smaller skinnier girls ?

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American Horror Story, Insanity, volleyball playoffs, ZUMBATHON, and Orchid Asian Bistro .. (: [11 Dec 2011|11:15am]
[ mood | okay ]

So it's been a week .. time for a weekly update I guess, haha. This week was pretty good and eventful in some ways, so I have been meaning to post an update, but just never have the time it seems like.

Sunday after drill I took a nap, and Gene worked late, so when he got out we stopped by Drew & Jen's to share some of the cookie dough stuffed cupcakes, and Jen gave me some of her cake batter creamer which I still haven't tried because I think it was bad. I have the stuff to make my own though, so will be doing that shortly. We did the Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance DVD, killed the pecs, lol. Cookie Crisp for dinner. (:

Monday, Gene & I watched Rango, which was okay. Caught some of the Water Horse on TV during my lunch break and forgot how much I loved that movie, and my coconut creme pie Larabar, which I want to learn to make at home. Has to be pretty simple, only has like four ingredients ..

Tuesday, I totally rocked a new outfit -- grey belted sweater, with borrowed leggings, and new ankle booties, and a new ruffly grey coat ! Felt super girly and pretty. (: (: Did the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit with Gene -- LOVE the ski abs ! He made backstrap, and Mom & I made a healthified (Hungry Girl style) honey walnut shrimp and snow peas for dinner, and we watched New Girl. (:

Wednesday, we had a mini family dinner night which Mom prepared for everyone -- meatloaf & mashed potatoes, mmmm. :D AND AMERICAN HORROR STORY WAS FREAKING AWESOME !!!! VIOLET REVEAL !?!?!? AHHHHHH. SO WISH SOMEONE WATCHED IT SO I HAD SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT !!! Gotta get Mom & Gene all caught up with it. :D :D

Thursday, I had a great day making Keith (my coworker) laugh, lol. Had some delicious, creamy, thick Greek yogurt. Beefy baby was wearing his leather coat, and I STILL couldn't get over the episode of AHS !!! haha We had volleyball playoffs too and pizza party. We didn't win, they had the brackets arranged weird this time, but we still played well, and had fun. Doubt we will be on their team next season, which whatever, it's partially okay with me. Charlie wants to play again, so maybe we can form our own team again. We'll see.

Friday, had a fish fry with the fam, and then did the Insanity recovery disc with Eugene. Totally feeling it in the hips, shoulders, and calves. And even quads. Eric was already here for the weekend, so I went home to snuggle my animals. Plus, Gene was being a little grouchy.

Saturday, yesterday, I woke up and went estate saling with the fam. Got Bergholz Fire Co. chowder. Took a nap because I was aggravated by Gene and wanted to reset and refresh before our first two hour ZUMBATHON at Studio Sophia in Kenmore !!! Most of my friends dropped out on me bu oh well, we wanted to give it a go anyways, something different, have some fun, work out, relax, get our minds of stuff, so me and Mom went, and it was very crowded, which hindered some moves, and also it was not like what we are used to. I still prefer Anna's class 100% (maybe because I'm used to it, but also because I think I get a better workout from her) The Zumbathon's instructor was cute and fun though, too fast/advanced for me, but some good songs, and did sweat a lot. Tried out my new Neutrogena Wave face washer which was awesome, and got all cleaned up to head out for dinner with Mom, Dad, Meagan, Jack, Gene, and Eric at Orchid Asian Bistro in Kenmore. It is a sushi and Thai place. We sampled pretty much evertyhing -- Eric's bill came to almost $60, where the other six of us came to like $100. WOW. He ordered sake, three appetizers, and a meal for himself. I LOVED my spicy mango chicken, it was DELICIOUS. Gene had roasted duck and scallion pancakes, and a Phoenix roll. We all sampled each other's things. Jack had salmon, Meagan had tempura chicken, Dad had Bangkok beef, Mom had chicken teriyaki, gyoza appetizers, Eric had tempura shrimp, king crab roll, tempura crab, and tuna tataki. We really wanted to try dessert but were wayyyy too full, so we ventured next door to the Asian market and picked up some goodies for later -- I got taro mochi, brown sugar mochi, and green tea mochi ice cream. Dad got some musk melon bars. Then we all headed our separate ways ..

Eric is supposed to leave this morning, so maybe then I will have some time to spend with my boyfriend for the first time in over a month, since he has already made dinner plans with us for tomorrow night. Apparently getting Thai with Drew & Jen. I have to try to finish editing a 78 page paper for a girl who offered to pay me at least $75 .. it is a nightmare. Jim Neiss is coming over in a little bit to do headshots for Meagan, and Gene and I have SO much more shopping to do. Dad is trying to plan a family Christmas party and I am really upset I will likely miss it due to this MN trip I am dreading. UGH. But, I better get going. Have a lot to do. Still need to clean, do laundry, and paint my nails, and all that jazz. Get some reading in.

PS. We finally got our first snow .. I believe it was Friday. Can you sense how thrilled I am ??

PPS. I need to work on posture, sitting at computers all day for work SUCKS.

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"A room without books is like a body without a soul." -- Cicero. [04 Dec 2011|07:46am]
[ mood | blah ]

Back at work .. drill Sunday. Ah. Certain things I miss, and other things I definitely do not. But hey, at least LJ is unblocked here, so I can update and not have it cover a month span, lol.

So yesterday, got out of work late. But it was no big deal, didn't have anything going on. AT ALL. Got one of my packages from Zumba.com in the mail so that was cool. Can't wait to try on my new stuff. Unfortunately the bag is clearly marked Zumba and since I didn't get the mail, everyone knows I ordered from there, so now my surprise for Mom won't be as big a surprise. ): Disappointing. I *REALLY* need to place some more of my catalog orders but it is such a pain trying to get money out of Meagan and she wants me to buy a few things for her to give to Gene .. UGH.

Gene ended up having to work SUPER late (had class after drill) so I decided to go out & get stuff to make COOKIE DOUGH STUFFED CUPCAKES with my NEW CUPCAKE CORER I BOUGHT OFF AMAZON !! (: (: !!! I had been wanting to make these for a while. AND LET ME TELL YOU, THEY WERE AWESOME !! Except for the fact that some of them stuck to the muffin tins so kind of fell apart, but still SUPER DUPER TASTY !! I want to bring some to Drew & Jen today. Chrissy wants me to send them some venison jerky if Gene makes some from his deer.

So yeah .. the rest of my yesterday was pretty uneventful. Played around on the internet. Had mostly veggies for dinner but licking the spoon from the batter had me feeling all sorts of fat, but I was too tired to get a workout in, plus was waiting for Gene to come home. He got out around 8 PM !!!! CRAZINESS. So we hung out for maybe a half hour ? Showed him the ART vs. Active Duty video on YouTube that is funny and like the story of his life, plus this new T-Rex pic I found ("I love you this much" with his arms spread .. and the other T-Rex says "that's not very much." LOL) AND this AWESOME video called Bizzles Gets Dunkers or something where an American Bulldog is positioned to look like he has human arms and is feeding himself those little Dunkaroos or whatever they are called, LOLOL !!

Watched most of the Sabres game before getting in the shower & heading to bed. They finally won a game. Our teams are just doomed to be mediocre I think. Obviously the Bills aren't doing much better. And today's game is blacked out, so .. Burned a bunch of movies while at work yesterday. Maybe Gene & I can watch some sometime. I have a HUGE pile now. I will start watching them on my own. Also gotta read some of my pile of books, but I have been putting off starting the "Girl with the .." series because I only have the first book and don't want to become enthralled and then frantically search for the other two or rush out to buy them, lol. We also DESPERATELY need to go grocery shopping and more Christmas shopping. We need to cook Dad some healthy meals and get him exercising even more. HE CAN DO IT !! Idk if I said yesterday but I was thinking of maybe going back to school for personal training/nutrition kind of stuff.

One more thing I'm not thrilled about -- I guess ERIC might come up this weekend. I haven't spent barely any time with Gene in A MONTH. He left for Puerto Rico, was gone two weeks, came home, then went to PA to hunt, then worked late all week, then this weekend was drill weekend, so I have been PATIENTLY LOOKING FORWARD to next weekend so I could sleep over, sleep in, relax, all that jazz, BUT NO. Eric might be coming up to help Gene Christmas shop. BS !!!!!! UGH. Whatever. I mean, I've only been looking forward to this coming weekend all month, and then the rest of our month is going to be crazy, with the sixteen hour drive to MN (which I hope we break up since I can't sleep in the car and lack of sleep will DESTROY the trip) I guess I am just doomed to be miserable for the holidays. BLAH. WHY CAN'T ONE THING GO MY WAY !?

Oh well .. at least if Gene will be shopping all weekend, maybe I can hit up that Zumbathon and get some friends to go. Speaking of that, Carly invited me to do Bikram Yoga with her today. Which I have never done but am interested in. Though I am afraid to look retarded since I am not a very well practiced yogi, lol. And Bikram = intense heat. We'll see. I am supposed to work til 2, and that class is at 4, out in Kenmore or something like that. Actually, I think further.

I need to make a list of things to get done -- 1) window tinted (which I think has to wait until warmer weather now, but I am worried because my insurance needs the receipt to cover it)
2) tailoring of some clothes -- call the Kenmore shops for price comparisons
3) OIL CHANGE and windshield wipes (missed the Dunn Tire deal SADFACE) and possibly new tires, especially if my car is taking the MN trip.

UGH .. those are the important ones for right now. Clean more in my bedroom/get rid of stuff/make room for all the stuff in the spare room/put things AWAY. Then maybe some me time .. nails, books, etc.

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Gene's trip, Black Friday car accident, Zumba & other workouts, TV shows, books, Mom's 50th, etc. [03 Dec 2011|09:57am]
[ mood | rushed ]

Ok .. so I have SUCKED SO BAD LATELY AT UPDATING. I mean, Gene was even gone, I should have had tons of time ! So I won't give you a daily run down .. cuz I'm pretty boring, just work, work out, read/watch TV, sleep. I guess I can give you some highlights ? Since it's been almost a freaking month !!!

Um .. while Gene was gone from 12 Nov - 27 Nov, I mostly got a LOT of workouts in and stayed current on all my TV shows (Walking Dead on Sundays, House on Mondays, New Girl Tuesdays, and American Horror Story Wednesdays, lol) I started doing Zumba with Mom again which has been a blast. I am still a really bad dancer, but I work up a great sweat !! And I love Anna and the music. Actually this past week, Meagan FINALLY joined us and we had a GREAT time !!! :D :D Contemplating doing some Zumbathons in the future !! (:

Mom's birthday was the 15th, the big 5-0 !! We went for a quick run, and then took her out to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner (my first time) I was disappointed with my dish (crabcake sandwich) but it was a cool place, fun atmosphere, kind of loud. They don't serve our favorite kind of crab (blue) which kind of disappoints me. Plus kind of pricy and loaded with calories.

I finished reading the latest book in the Dexter series, DOUBLE DEXTER, which I loved, of course, naturally. Dex finds himself in all sorts of new troubling situations, but always comes out on top, LOVE HIM ! It gets so intense I just can't put the book down towards the end, haha. I cleaned out a lot of my bedroom, old clothes from high school that don't fit anymore (like why were shirts cut so short back then !? they are like belly shirts now !!) Tried to watch the Haunted Airman but it sucked so bad I fell asleep, lol.

Ate at the Eastern Pearl which was a nice place, but had a horrible pain that kept me from enjoying that whole day (maybe gas ? who knows) Did a lot of estate saling with the parents, got some great finds !! Tried the french toast bagel from Tim Ho's = DELICIOUS. We went to BJs where I dropped a TON of money on like a lifetime supply of personal hygiene products LOL -- mouthwash, toothpaste, facewash, feminine products, lol, AND four seasons of TV shows !! Bought some cold gear for Winter running from Under Armour, including a new hoodie. Kind of pricy, but I'm gonna need it. Probably should invest in some ear covering/headbands, gloves, undies, etc. Maybe a scarf.

Stopped in at the base to sign some paperwork and came out with a new plant -- a white Christmas cactus, lol. Missed some of my coworkers there. (:

Thanksgiving sucked, Mom & Dad went to Meagan's in laws, and Gene was obviously still in PR. They did a mini lunch with me though, and I got my workout in early so I couldn't make any excuses, lol. We went out late that night hoping to catch some good deals but lines were RIDIC and nothing was worth it anyways. We went out bright & early Black Friday, and missed out on what Meagan wanted, so while Mom & Dad stood in line, we went across the street to Tim Ho's to get coffee. OF COURSE WOULDN'T YOU KNOW WE WERE REARENDED IN THE DRIVE THRU BY A CANADIAN WHO FLED THE SCENE !! AND WE WERE IN MOM'S RENTAL CAR (FROM HER ACCIDENT) !!!! Ran into Sarah White while inside Tim Ho's waiting for cops. Who told us they could do nothing because the damage was under $1k. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A HIT AND RUN !? Didn't sound right to me. They said we shouldn't be driving Mom's rental. But that's not their business, they're not the insurance company. Got breakfast with the fam at Sandi's, everyone shaken up, and no good deals really, but I still went out with Meagan for a bit, and bought the new OPI Rainbow Connection nail polish I had been dying for !!! :D But that is all, then came home and napped.

That Saturday we did more estate sales, went to the Galleria and FOREVER 21 which HAS to be my new FAVORITE store -- what took me so long to go there !? Didn't get anything because spending a lot on Christmas shopping but will have to keep that in mind for cute, cheap fashion !! But I don't drive out there often. While there we hit up a different Chinese buffet/Mongolian Grill place, then headed home, where I picked up Gene from the base !! YAY !! Got a new coat at Kohl's since Sears wouldn't take back the one Gene bought me last year -- it's a huge ordeal there, wrong coats, wrong sizes, he ordered two, yadda yadda yadda.

Sunday -- sales, Jay's pizza for dinner, workout, WALKING DEAD SEASON FINALE WHICH WAS AWESOME !!!!! Can't believe I have to wait til February though now. ): Jason Segel & Shaun T. were on Conan Monday night, so that was cool. Three cool dudes, one show. Caught it online cuz I fell asleep during the Jason Segel interview, lol. Yes, I'm still a wimp.

Highlights of this week .. not many. Zumba with Mom & Meagan like I said, made banana buttermilk walnut bread which was not as awesome as anticipated, wasted a lot of free bananas we were given which makes me sad. ): New Girl is so super cute, and House too, glad Chase & Taub are back, it's like my old friends and I reuniting, haha. And American Horror Story is JUST FREAKING CRAZY !!! So much craziness happening there, lolol. I have been excited cuz some of my Christmas orders have been finally coming in the mail, we won all three at vball, did some Insanity, got good Greek food, picked up stuff at the mall, and found out the Dirty Girl Mud Run is coming to WNY in 2012 -- September !!! WOO !! Hope Mom & Meagan will do it with me, if not I need to find a group of girls to do it with !!

Anyways, I am at work at the base right now, burning movies and being bored. Katie will be in soon so I should wrap this up. Definitely have to catch you up on more personal stuff later. Thoughts and all that jazz ? GENE got a 9 point buck this week down on his farm in PA so he has been cutting that up and grinding some meat. Venison soon anyone ? Ciao for now !

OH & Gene had his speech final Wednesday, so his classes for this "semester" are finally wrapping up. He's nervous about the one. Speech was mediocre, but whatevs. His prof was a moron. Someone Dad used to know I guess. Meh. Dad wasn't a fan either, haha.

OH & PPS. In the midst of all this Christmas ordering, I got myself a few small things here & there -- since I ordered Mom some Zumba stuff, I figured while it was on sale I should get some for myself (capris, undies, bracelets) since it's likely I won't order from them again. And also got some stuff on Amazon while placing some big orders there -- new Blink 182 CD FINALLY, donut pan (ALSO FINALLY), backseam tights FINALLY, cupcake corer which I am excited to use !!! I have so many ideas for gifts for people this year but not enough money haha. Got some good ones though (Gene's r/c plane, combo toaster, etc, Meagan's penguin hat & Shooters & Ladders drinking game, etc, Mom's sports bra, calendar, Zumba gear) Got a lot more shopping to do and need to figure out all this Minnesota crap. I am feeling distanced from his fam late. I hope it's just me being crazy. /: Jim is going through some tough times too so .. OH and Ashly is planning a tea party for the 22nd, hope I can make it ! Guess it depends on packing/leaving sitch, etc. And I'm excited to try all my new shoes/tights/outfits !! (: Idr if I already wrote about the Yoplait birthday cake yogurt I finally tried, but it was disappointing. I added more sprinkles which made it a little better I guess, lol. Now I need the Philosophy birthday cake lip gloss haha.

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I, I love you like a love song baby .. [12 Nov 2011|09:26pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Okay, so I spoke to soon about the getting better at updating thing. Lots to catch up on so probably just a quick run down because I am so exhausted today. More detailed updates later, since lots has been going on in my head too.

The last update 10/24, we did indeed have Taco Bell for dinner so Gene could try his XXL Chalupa, and I tried a sip of the wonderous Cherry Creme Frutista Freeze, which was .. like I said, wonderous. I love all things cherry vanilla flavored. There was an aurora borealis that I could vaguely make out from our house, and wanted to get a better vantage point, but was just too tired.

10/25 -- briefly talked with my Uncle Jim ! It had been a while since I've chatted with him. Daddy made a delicious spicy beef & broccoli dish for dinner (: and we all watched the Sabres game, which didn't end so well ..

10/26 -- FINALLY got to see my BFF and chat over some Tim Ho's ! It had been TOO LONG ! After that, I hurried to finish my pumpkin shaped double bundt cake (1/2 spice cake, 1/2 carrot cake, with orange frosting !), which turned into an EPIC FAILURE, haha. OH WELL. Had dinner night at Meagan's, Cap'n Crunch Chicken + Scattergories ! Then new episode of American Horror Story ..

10/27 -- felt like a festive little kid haha .. me & Mommy painted our nails to resemble candy corn, LOL !!! Volleyball was GREAT, good games, good competition, just how I like it. Then went on an unintentional shoe shopping spree, which is not done yet .. picked up three new pairs, and have one more in mind. d: AND the Sabres won.

10/28 -- made a six layer RAINBOW CAKE for my BFF's birthday today !! I ♥ YOU Christina Marie !! Even if it weighed ten pounds and is indestructible, it will still make a good memory, hahaha. Plus it was super pretty ! I will check back in three years to see if you really froze a piece, haha. Had a yummy baked cajun fish dinner tonight from Cheryl's Gate Coffee Shop, and snuggled with my warm doggies watching horror stuff on TV, lol, while Gene still worked away at the shower ..

10/29 -- got my workout in first thing this morning, then watched Antichrist which was not a very good movie. Stopped by to visit my sister & then went to Carly & Sean's Halloween party ! It was fun catching up with everyone, and their apartment is so cute !! We will have to get together more often, especially for food adventures with Jennifer Robins too ! d: Obviously, Gene went to Eric's party in PA and did not compromise on the sleepover part, so I stayed behind, which caused some turmoil between us that I don't feel like typing about now that it was so long ago. Some good talks came out of it. Hopefully we will come out on top.

10/30 -- made jack-o-lantern stuffed orange peppers for dinner ! (: Then new episode of the Walking Dead, OMG ! And made a Martha Stewart inspired zombie pumpkin and a fanged vampire pumpkin ! hehehe (:

10/31 -- woke up to find my car was broken into sometime during the night .. hooray for smashed windows. >__< OH WELL. Still managed to have a pretty good Halloween (my FAVORITE holiday !) For family dinner night, Gene & I made jack-o-lantern cheeseburger pies ! (: Then Halloween episode of House MD. Plus Beefy & Nikki went to the store and picked out their treats ! ^__^

11/1 -- Got a great workout in (kickbox-booty-core, lol) and then caught the new episode of New Girl ! Also, found out the insurance will cover my window & reimburse for the tint, so hopefully getting (most of) that taken care of tomorrow. However, asked a tailoring place how much it would cost to alter some jeans at the waist, and they said $20 per pair !!! Anyone know of any place that might be a little cheaper !? I am hoping to save at least a few of the newer/more expensive pairs. /: ALSO does anyone have any advice on how to stretch out a new pair of shoes that are very tight !? LOL. I am just full of questions today, huh ?! d: PLUS we got some of the cutest mail ever ! d: A letter from one of Gene's nieces ! And a card from his sister with one of his nephew's football magnets. (: And I got another photograph in the mail, from Katie ! (: I LOVE snail mail. :D OH AND I can't forget about my great chat with Eric ! (:

11/2 -- Very busy at the schools today trying to get all the labs and libraries ready for NWEA testing. AND I have had the "Rainbow Connection" song stuck in my head for like the past three days .. Then new American Horror Story.

11/3 -- had volleyball and then got a vanilla custard cone with rainbow sprinkles !! d: I had been wanting one all day, lol. Speaking of other rainbow things I want -- OPI's new "Rainbow Collection" polish !!

11/4 -- A bad week to be a car in the Kurilovitch household -- my parents were rearended today, by someone going 50mph and not even braking, which wrecked Mom's car pretty bad. /: We saw the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience for the second time tonight ! (: Amazing ! Gene even enjoyed it (with earplugs, lol)

11/5 -- Estate sales earlier with Dad & Gene, then Mongolian Grill ! Checked in on & visited with Meagan's dog since she & Jack are in OH with Mom. Sabres rocked the shootout but that was ridiculous what happened to Vanek and no call of course !!

11/6 -- Led Zeppelin Pandora station = awesomeness. Tried that new Theodore's place on the Island for lunch, then caught the Bills game. Watched It's Kind of a Funny Story and then stopped by Pam's place to snag her elliptical. Then new Walking Dead and .. grrr.

11/7 -- Glad Chase & Taub are back on House, lol. (: I still love this show, it feels like we're all good friends, haha.

11/8 -- thankful for this Indian summer we are having -- perfect weather for a run ! Went out for an easy run with Mom, but for some reason towards the end my ankles started to kill. /: Went with Meagan to pick up my latest Payless order, finally got some Yoplait birthday cake yogurt to try (disappointing after building my hopes so high), went to vote, and made it home in time for New Girl ! d: Rick Jeannerette was inducted into the hall of fame, which was awesome, of course. Had my review at work, and Nas & Anas had their second baby boy today ! Fahad Farzad Mangla (:

11/9 -- LOVE American Horror Story !!! AHHHH. Went for a run with Jen today after work ! (: Was looking forward to it most of the day, it was such nice weather again ! Plus pretty fall foliage !

11/10 -- thankful for short work weeks and long weekends ! Have been so tired, so this will be good. Volleyball earlier, and trying to get the house together for Mom's party. Finally finished my cattail centerpieces. Then snuggle time with the BF since he was on nights all week, and only had a little time left before leaving for Puerto Rico.

11/11 -- made my epic wish at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 !! Veteran's Day & Gil Perreault Day & day of Mom's early birthday party, which was small (kind of bust) but I woke up feeling like poop. Gene & I had brunch at Bob Evans. Got to see Lisa which was nice, and then eventually fell asleep while waiting for Gene to pack. Dropped him off at the base after 3 and got home around 4 AM which lead to my being tired all of today.

Today I have not done much but read. Jen sent me a link for cake batter coffee creamer which I will have to try to make, lol. Gene and I only talked for a minute, because he was so tired too, but I am so jealous I can't be in Puerto Rico with him this time around. But new job + him being AR on this trip, probably wouldn't have worked out the best.

Anyways .. I have a HUGE headache, and am so tired, I just want to go to bed. Wanted to work out but think my body is telling me to take the day off. Maybe I will write more tomorrow, about our Christmas crisis and all that jazz.

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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -- Wayne Gretzky [24 Oct 2011|07:01pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So, I'm getting a little better about more frequent updating .. last Thursday volleyball was pretty good. We are in second place right now. I got the new Dexter book in the mail YAY !!! Have only read two chapters so far, trying to make it last & savor it.

Friday, I made two batches of CAKE BATTER TRUFFLES to use up my leftover cake mix. MMMMMMMM. They were SO delicious and rich that I had to get rid of some of them, lol. Dad made some s'mores bark with my leftover melted chocolate, and that was delicious as well. We had an impromptu family dinner night (Gene was late after a 14 hour work day, and Meagan & Jack were late too) and Mom cheated and ordered Bob Evans takeout, lol. It was still yummy though. And we played a hysterical round of Things (thanks to Dad, LOL, he was particularly silly) Then I slept over Gene's house so I could shower in the morning because they worked on the darn thing all night and just ran into problem after problem.

Saturday, we slept in which was AWESOME. (; Then we watched the first half of the first season of the Walking Dead. It was pretty good. (: Dropped off some cake batter truffles to Jen, which was nice chatting with her as usual, held baby Selah (possibly my first baby ever !?) and she gave me a yummy Paleo dinner to take home for the family in return. Then I dropped some off to Jim Neiss & his wife, since he was sick, and wanted them delivered, lol. Then the rest of the night was devoted to that stupid shower. Til 3 AM. UGH. My doggies were particularly snuggly though this weekend. Slept over Gene's again though, so we could finish up season one in the morning and watch last week's season premiere, so we could jump into the current season which plays Sunday nights.

So yep, Sunday, yesterday, we did exactly that. Slept in, watched the second half of the first season of the Walking Dead, and the season premiere of this season, and it was AWESOME. I really like this show so far. Everyone's been talking about it forever. Watched some Halloween Wars while Gene worked on the shower some more. That show really makes me want to combine my two loves of food and art .. then at 9, the new episode of the Walking Dead came on, so we watched that ! (: Pretty good. Then he went home, and Mom and I tested out the new shower, only to find out it is LEAKING so it is STILL not done. UGH. Also, from my quick shower, I decided I do not like it. It is very tight space, closed in, clautrophobic, stuffed me up. Idk. Maybe it will grow on me. Hopefully.

Anyways, this morning I wasn't feeling good, but after my bowl of cereal I felt a little better. Work was pretty boring today. Caught up on some blogs, have been wanting to make cinnamon buns for quite some time, and Jen made some yesterday, and I keep seeing healthier recipes everywhere, like it is taunting me, haha, so maybe that's next on my list ? I kind of want to take a break from all the cake batter creations anyways, lol. Don't want to wear myself out on those, haha. Plus, want to bake Chrissy a cake for her birthday (this Friday) and a pumpkin shaped cake for Halloween (which is next Monday). So we'll see. Wonder when family dinner night will be this week. I need to stop eating like a slob, have had no energy, and been feeling poopy, and really miss working out/running on a stricter routine. Today's weather (after the downpour) turned out to be gorgeous, and I had thought, maybe I will go for a run, but then got sucked into some silly country movie on HBO and took a nap. Want to hang out with Chrissy soon too. OH and KATIE texted me today hahaha after ignoring ALL of my texts for so long, she texts ME asking me to work, LOL. YEAH. I would but that weekend Eric wants me to hang out in Erie, plus Gene's Mom has that scrapbooking convention she wants me to go to, and I just really want the only weekend I have with Gene in November to be with him (he wil be in Puerto Rico the rest of the month, so I offered to work then, and she turned me down and then stopped responding, go figure) Anyways, want to start making healthier dinners, maybe that will make me feel better, start sleeping better at night, so I have more energy to work out like I used to. I can not slack off !!! ): Speaking of slacking off, Gene and everyone wants Taco Bell for dinner because he saw a commercial for a XXL chalupa, lol. So I guess that's probably what's on the agenda for tonight. He & Dad went fishing, and now they are working on his homework and the shower, fun wow. No new House tonight, no new New Girl tomorrow, so just waiting for new American Horror Story on Wednesday. I have been watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother to pass the time because Mom is at Zumba (I kind of miss it actually and at least it kept me moving) I really want to go shopping (WalMart for birthday cake yogurt, Salvation Army for a variety of things, somewhere for work shoes, etc) and groceries too. But no one is available. EVER. Ugh. I really want to start a blog, lol. I can't remember what else I wanted to say but there was something .. I also want to paint my nails all festive-like for the holiday. Gene wants to go to Eric's "surprise birthday/Halloween party" so that kind of sucks. Ugh. Idk. Guess I should head out though and get food, maybe I will remember what I wanted to say later.

PS. wearing my other new super soft awesome cardigan from Target. (: It's a dark grey color.

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"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." -- E. E. Cummings [20 Oct 2011|05:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I am cold and bored and have to pee, but instead I decided to update, haha.

Sunday after watching the Bills game, I made TWO batches of CAKE BATTER RICE KRISPIES because they were so GOSH DARN DELICIOUS. I had to give some away to keep from eating them all, LOL !! Got a little bit of a workout in later that night so I wouldn't feel as bad, but still. Those things are DANGEROUS. AHHHH.

Monday, I dropped off some rice krispies to Drew & Jen who LOVED them. We chatted for a bit which was nice. I miss them both. Jen is awesome, we have been sharing recipe finds all week, like I found paleo brownies, homemade ketchup, and homemade coffee creamer, and she found paleo chicken wings ! Can't wait to try them all !! Since everyone was still hard at work on the bathroom remodel, we got Trio's pizza for dinner (though the effed up our order pretty bad, mild wings instead of hot, and sweet red bell peppers instead of banana peppers on the pizza, OH WELL) Watched the new episode of House and decided this season might not be as bad after all, and then got angry when I realized I had to shower, and would not be able to in the morning due to our LACK OF SHOWER, grr. So I drove over to Gene's just to shower. And then left.

Tuesday I made coconut curried sweet potato soup for dinner !! It was DELICIOUS but a little on the warm side, haha. I blame that partially to trying to quadruple the recipe to use up some sweet potatoes we had lying around. I didn't even multiply the spices that much. Maybe too much cayenne pepper ? Dad had some heavy cream lying around so to doctor it up I added some of that to balance the heat out a bit. Spent most of the day with my big lap dogs snuggling on top of me, watching horror movies on TV while Gene worked on the bathroom. Watched the Sabres game too. And during my longer than usual lunch break, I watched the first episode of the first season of the Tudors to see what everyone was talking about. I like Jonathan Rhys Meyers but I'm not sure if I will like this series, but I was told to keep watching and give it a shot. Lots of sex in the first episode .. /: LOL.

Wednesday, yesterday, I left work early to go to the hospital, where Meagan was in the ER for a concussion she got the night before playing explosive tag in one of her classes. Guess she took a knee to the head. I felt pretty because I was wearing one of my comfy new super soft cardigans, and a new soft shirt, plus my old grey pants & a pair of Pam's taller than I'm used to heels. (: Gene got some more work done on the bathroom and then we left to meet up with Meagan & Jack for some Chinese buffet. It was yummier than usual ! It was a good time. Mom & Dad went to see the Lion King musical at Shea's, so after dinner we didn't have much to do. Watched some TV, and showered at his place, then left so I could watch the new episode of American Horror Story at my house and get into bed. Still not sure how I feel about this show ..

Today is Thursday, which means volleyball in a little bit. Have been LOVING the Oikos Greek yogurts (blueberry, cherry, and honey to be exact). Have some new recipes to try out, including some to use up my leftover cake mix. Planning to do that this weekend whenever family dinner night is. Hopefully they finish up this shower soon because it is starting to get really frustrating. Still need to do a lot of shopping. Haven't been running or even working out as much as I would like to but I found some new workouts to incorporate into my routine. Plus Mom wants to start a strict 60 days of Insanity soon. I need to run more but days like today when I am so cold it is hard to get motivated, though I do want to test out my new winter gear. Gene wants to start watching the Walking Dead, so we need to catch up on the first season we missed. In other news, Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, was killed today. An old Bills player died the other day, from intestinal bleeding, at age 50. Chrissy is in town, but I still haven't seen her yet. She went with Amber to Rapids Theatre last night where last night's episode of Ghost Hunters took place. Guess that is pretty cool. Wonder if it is haunted ? Didn't know it was supposed to be. The new Dexter book came out on Tuesday so I ordered it on Amazon with two day shipping and am ANGRY it is still not here. I wanted to originally go to B&N Tuesday and pick it up, but I knew I wouldn't make it out there .. Can't wait to start reading it !!!

Anyways, I guess I will get going and figure out what's going on with dinner, if we are eating before or after our game, if we are working more on the shower, etc etc. I love the quote that I used in the subject line because it reminds me of how lucky I am to have Gene, he makes me laugh everyday. (:

OH also I am sick of "friends" who never return my texts, and I am done reaching out to them. She has been particularly mean lately anyways. Whatevs.

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Lots of TV, sports, and food, haha. [16 Oct 2011|01:46pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Figured I would get an update in while watching the Bills game since everyone else is upstairs working on putting the new shower in.

Last Monday Gene & I had brunch with my parents, and I saw an episode of the Twilight Zone that I had never seen before called "The Hunt" which was about an old man and his dog that passed away, and his dog went with him to Heaven, after almost being tricked by the Devil on the way. House was late due to a programming delay but I am not sure if I am liking this season so far anyways. It was a weird episode .. Foreman is Dean of Medicine now, no Cuddy, no team, just an Asian girl. So weird to have him back at the hospital, especially with his own office, since he just got out of jail. How is that possible ?? Feels so weird, Wilson didn't want to be friends, but hopefully the end of the episode showed that there are better things to come there with their relationship. Idk.

Tuesday I went for a run and then worked out even though my abs & obliques were still killing me from previous workouts. Was angry because New Girl has been pushed back until November !!! ):

Wednesday I caught some of that Halloween Wars show on the Food Network and was really impressed by some of the creations on that show (the big bad wolf and the sleeping beauty especially !!) Set the DVR to record Psych's season premiere and then watched the new episode of American Horror Story which was quite weird. Still not sure how I feel about this show either, but it is something different, that's for sure. Want to get into the Walking Dead. Need to watch the last season, new season starts today.

Thursday I watched more How I Met Your Mother on my lunch break. It sucks cuz I watch it pretty much everyday but always miss the last few minutes in order to get back to work on time so I never know what happens in the end, lol. Maybe I will see if my sister will let me borrow her boxed sets for a marathon !! I like Jason Segel. We won all three of our games at volleyball though it is becoming increasingly more difficult to enjoy playing with Jeff and I think he hinders my performance. Oh well. Hopefully I can manage to always set up next to Gene because he brings out the best in me (despite any arguments during the game) plus he can hit all my sets, and I feel more confident near him. After our game, we met up with Meagan & Jack to watch Dad's hockey game, and got Subway, and dropped Gene's car off at the shop. He borrowed Dad's van.

Friday, I made candy corn shaped/colored rice krispie treats !! It was kind of messy to make, lol. Dad and Meagan LOVED them but Gene had me feeling self conscious about them because he hated them, lol. He even told me not to bring them to Drew & Jen like I had originally planned. I bought stuff to make cake batter ones too so maybe I will make those and share with friends. Mom bought us all dinner from Mama Rosa's. Dad & I had a fish fry (DELICIOUS) and Gene had the sea bass, which I tried and it was quite tasty. Something new for us to try. Watched the Sabres game though it was very disappointing because we lost in the last minutes to the Hurricanes, ugh. Gene worked on the shower til late which was putting me to sleep. I slept over his house so I could get a shower in the morning, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Woke up Saturday/yesterday morning to a very cuddly Eugene (; which was nice. :D Then he took me out to brunch at Perkins, for Sweetest Day, and we had these AWESOME biscuit bakes. Mine was sausage, egg, and cheese, with gravy and breakfast potatoes, and a cup of fruit. Gene got a spinach, bacon, tomato one and then a side of three french toasts, lol. It was nice. (: Not overly filling. We found out they no longer do military discounts though unless you are in uniform so that kind of discouraged us. Then of course we came back so they could work on the shower. Uncle Mark came by to help. So during this time, I started cooking dinner for family dinner night. It was Gene's turn to cook but obviously he was a little busy, and his only request was that I make a chicken dish, so I turned to Pinterest and found a chicken crescent roll casserole I had wanted to try that looked pretty simple. Went to the store with Mom to get the ingredients and then the cooking commenced. We had to have the dinner night at Mom & Dad's house because Gene & Dad worked right up until dinner time, and then went back to work after dinner. Meagan brought these yummy Oreo bars for dessert, mmm. The chicken casserole turned out pretty good too, everyone had seconds, and thirds, lol. Good thing I doubled the recipe !! d: We had veggies as a side. Really had wanted to run the past two days but the weather has sucked and we have been so busy with the shower stuff. So after dinner, I started to get really sleepy, but watched the Sabres beat the Penguins anyways (: then Jim Neiss stopped by which was nice. Always a fun time. OH and talked to Chrissy for a few minutes on the phone last night ! She flew into WNY today !! YAY !! Two weeks here, so I should be able to get some BFF time in !!

Slept over Gene's house again last night. Miss cuddling with him. So comfy. (: Slept in a little bit and then got a shower in again just in case I can't shower tomorrow. Not sure if they will finish up tonight or not, or if I will like this new steam shower. Got some Tim Ho's on the way home, and then Mom brought us Wendy's for lunch. Dad & Gene are working on the shower again, and I am watching the Bills game. It is tied 7-7 right now. I hope we win, we are a good team this year ! Fred Jackson is awesome. So excited to not suck haha. Both of our teams are doing pretty well right now. I am also excited because of the coupons in today's paper, haha. I'm a dork. Buy turkey at Tops and get potatoes, stuffing, veggies, cake mix, and drinks FREE. WOO !! We desperately need to do some grocery shopping. There is a lot I want to get done. ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN !!!! WOOO !!! Okay .. back to what I was saying haha. Need to get some shoes like ASAP. My trusty pair I usually wear to work are shot (they were cheap I guess) and I still am looking for a good ankle boot. Also need to buy some more cold weather gear since it is getting to that time. But I am loving it lately, the Fall look outside. Need to do pumpkins soon and horror movies if Gene is not too burnt out from constant home repairs/work/etc. Lisa wants us to do haunted houses with her and Steve so that could be fun. I want to see some other friends soon too and want to buy more scarves from Nas. I really need to start wearing them more, and my new cardigans, and find an excuse to wear my new shoes/dresses. :D AND SO EXCITED NEW DEXTER BOOK ON TUESDAY !!!!!! CAN'T WAIT !!! PERFECT OCTOBER READING MATERIAL !!!!! Gotta place an Amazon order ASAP. Maybe paint my nails today too ??

Anyways I'm going to get going because it is very uncomfortable typing all of this with Beef's MASSIVE HEAD asleep on top of me. Going to watch the Bills kick some BUTT (feels good to say that hahaha) Hopefully update soon, since much more to say. Or at least it always feels that way.

PS. Saw this yesterday and loved it -- ‎~ Life is like a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. Time sets the stage; fate writes the script; but only we may chose our characters.~

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Happiness isn't something that depends on our surroundings, it's something we make inside ourselves. [10 Oct 2011|09:50am]
[ mood | inspired ]

And another week has passed. I guess I just don't have the time lately to update as frequently. Which sucks. Cuz then it's always a quick, rushed recap, instead of like anything detailed and meaningful.

Last Saturday, Mom & I stopped by Nasreen's after work to look at her scarf shipments and buy some as Christmas gifts for people. Then we ran over to Gene's house while he was still at work to do some surprise decorating with the Halloween items Schiffy left me. THEN I came home to bake for family dinner night at Mom and Dad's. Made THE BEST DESSERT YET (in my opinion) -- CAKE BATTER BLONDIES !! ♥ Dad made poor man's lasagna & salad for dinner, and we played Cranium Wow. It was a good time, but had to stop myself from consuming all of the cake batter treats !!! THEY ARE DANGEROUS, LOL !!

Sunday worked at the base again. New Reservist working with us, Ben St. Onge. Later on in the evening, we went over to Drew & Jen's for coffee & desserts, which was nice. (: It was good to catch up with them both. Plus the Village Bakery peach cobbler was awesome, and I brought them some of my cake batter blondies. Mmmm. I wish we hung out with them more often, it was a lot of fun just sitting around chatting. ♥ OH and painted me & Mom's nails while watching the Bills game -- tried our new sparkly polish but was disappointed that it was more like a top coat, so had to use a pinkish color underneath, but it grew on me, though it is massively chipped now.

Monday, I just HAD to try out this recipe I read on the Glamour blog during the day -- a two minute chocolate peanut butter cake !! One of those ones you microwave in a mug ! It was pretty tasty. Got a SURPRISE PACKAGE IN THE MAIL !!!! Aunt Suzanne sent me a GIANT CUPCAKE MOLD !!! WOO !! Can't wait to use it, haha. Had Gene massage out some of the pain in my neck/shoulder area (it was AWESOME and led to other awesomeness ?) Had dinner, work out, and then watched the HOUSE SEASON PREMIERE. I am iffy about this season. Right now he is in jail. And yeah. Idk. How do you go back to medicine if you've been in jail ? Idk we'll see. Next episode is tonight ..

Tuesday -- I PUSHED myself to go for a run after work instead of taking a nap. Also, it was NATIONAL TACO DAY so we celebrated with homemade tacos (: And then caught the new episode of New Girl !! (: (OH and Scream 4 came out on DVD !)

Wednesday -- Went on an EXTREME COUPONING EXCURSION with Eugene, saved like $100 on groceries. I organized all of the cupboards and fridge, etc. Then we watched Love & Other Drugs, mostly for Jake Gyllenhaal, lol. d: It wasn't as good as I had expected it to be though. Had a good line I liked that kind of reminded me of Gene & I -- "Let's just say in some alternate universe, there's a couple just like us, okay ? Only she's healthy and he's perfect. And their world is about how much they're going to spend on vacation or who's in a bad mood that day, or whether they feel guilty about having a cleaning lady. I don't want to be those people. I want us. You. This." ALSO Steve Jobs (founder of Apple !!) passed away !! ): So sad. He was inspiring in so many ways .. ‎"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." -- Steve Jobs, RIP. &hearts

Thursday -- Had an awesome slice of coffee cake (I need to try to make my own !!) from the school earlier in the day -- Joe (BOCES) bought it for me. Hung out with him & Nick a bit. Went to Under Armour and found out they were having a 20% off clearance sale, plus I get an additional 10% military discount !! So Mom & Dad picked up a lot of things, and I splurged and bought a mock turtleneck and a pair of running tights (came to around $60 probably) Still want to get a hoodie, and some underwear, and maybe some other winter running gear. I want to keep it up throughout the Fall/Winter months. Hope we can. Might go back with Eugene and or Jen soon. Mom needs to get a good pair of sneakers, and the outlet is good for them. I want her to try the UA bras too. ALSO DAD'S BOOK CAME IN THE MAIL !!! SO EXCITING !!!! Very cool to see my illustrations published. Dad put in a little blurb about me, lol. Can't wait to do more now that I am getting the hang of it. I guess I'm not as embarrassed as I thought of those bad, purposely child-like illustrations. In fact, some I quite like. We had volleyball that evening, won all three games, and remembered how much I LOVE watching Gene play, haha. I miss his slanty serve, lolol. Since Precious couldn't make it, Christine's sister subbed in "as a guy" LOL which kind of ticked us off, but whatevs. I think we went to see some of Dad's hockey game after that, and attempted helping Gene with some homework but I was exhausted and having bad cramps, so we headed home.

Friday -- I was SUPER excited because THE WONDER YEARS and THE WALKING DEAD were FINALLY on Netflix !! Caught the pilot episode for the new FX show, American Horror Story (and have since watched it like twice). Not sure what I think yet, but like the concept of a horror television show, so am going to give it a shot. Plus, the Sabres won, woo !! And got a workout in. (:

Saturday -- Went out estate saling with Gene & the parents, picked up TWO books for a quarter a piece (A Million Little Pieces and the Historian, both sound interesting and had caught my eye in the past, how can you say no to 50 cents ?!) Got a lot of laundry done. Caught most of the Sabres game. Took my doggies for a short walk (BEEF WAS SO EXCITED !!) Then, made CANDY CORN SUGAR COOKIES for Meagan's dinner night. Mom made better than Hostess cupcakes from a box mix as backup when I realized my dough wasn't the right consistency, though very tasty. They turned out more blobby than triangular candy corn shaped, and some of the colors bled, but I followed the recipe TO A T, so I don't know what went wrong. Maybe I will have to try it again. Anyways, Meagan made a chicken and broccoli bake. We were enjoying dinner, and then tried a new game we all hated (Thingamjig) so we switched to Mumbo Jumbo, which we were enjoying until a fight erupted between Meagan & Jack, and Jack walked out, apologizing to us. SO .. that kind of killed the mood. Ended up sticking around for a while, while Meagan searched for Jack, the rest of us just talked, serious talks, which was good, I thought. They worry about Meagan & Jack's marriage. /:

Sunday, yesterday, Dad & Gene went fishing early in the morning, and Gene made his first catch of the season -- A RAINBOW TROUT !! (Okay, not a salmon, but still exciting) While they were out, Mom & I went to Walmart to get presents for Nasreen's baby shower. I finished the book I was reading -- the Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. It is a book Gene's Aunt Marie wanted me to read so let me borrow. It is about a woman and her family in Holland during WWII, they end up hiding Jews, and then in concentration camps. It was a very religious story which had me skeptical at first as to whether I would enjoy it, but it was a great read and VERY INSPIRING. In fact, I marked down several passages/quotes I liked. There was a sad part about two bulldogs too. ): The Bills beat Gene's Dad's team (the Eagles). Headed over to Nas' early to help out with setup and stuff. Got to chat with Pam DeLorenzo a bit. Katie seemed to be kind of grouchy, so I just stood back. She had ignored all my texts anyways, and let's face it, you're never too busy to shoot a quick text back. So whatevs. I will just stop texting people, if they want to hang out or talk to me, they can get ahold of me from now on. SICK OF IT. So yeah, Gene went with Anas to pick up the food, so it was a little awkward while he was gone. Pretty much clung to Pam. Karin showed up, and I felt bad for her, she is in so much pain and on so many meds, but it was still good to see her since it has been so long. Didn't get to catch up too much. Dinner was delicious -- tandoor chicken and rice with yogurt sauce, and chickpeas, and naan. Tried Pam's apple cider punch, and Nas' pina colada. Chatted with some other people. Headed out for a bit to get in our workout with my parents (don't want to discourage my Dad) so that was good. I was REALLY upset I missed my run both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday Gene went without me because I was busy finishing up my baking, so I was even more sad, eating bits of cookie dough, making me moreeee sad, lol. So DEFINITELY have to run today ! The weather has been SO BEAUTIFUL. After our workout, we headed back to Nasreen's shower, where I successfully missed the stupid baby shower games, lol. Everyone started heading out and winding down, which was perfect timing. It was awesome when it was just a few of us left -- Atasha, Nas, Anas, Octavia. I don't like the big parties so much, so segregated, and awkward at times. I just love hanging out and chatting with Nas & Anas. We had SO much fun, laughing and joking. We ended up staying til like 12:30 (latest I've been out with friends in like YEARS) and had some wonderful Chai tea of course, and great conversation, as usual. Love those guys. Have really missed them. Brought some little gifts for Qasim, hope he liked them, lol. A plane, and an ATV with a little dude.

Of course, I have to rush again. I need to brush my teeth & hair & get dressed because I think Gene is on his way over .. Dad's new STEAM SHOWER just got here, so he needs to help bring it in and set it up. I guess Gene's Dad is coming into town tomorrow, which is perfect, since he can do the electrical work, lol. Today should be a good day, so excited to have a long weekend !! Very exciting to me !! (CHEERS TO THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND especially after 12 days straight, though have been liking working with Joe, Nick, and Lynne !) Probably will run and work out today, get some cleaning done, and then HOUSE later. New Girl tomorrow (need to catch up on the episode I missed) and American Horror Story on Wednesdays. Would love some quality time with Eugene soon. But alas, I should go and get ready for the day and help out a bit.

PS. My subject line is one of my fave quotes from the book I just read, "the Hiding Place."

ALSO, love this pic for celebrating Columbus Day LOLOL -- http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_krdbgh7hFJ1qa1kf9o1_500.png.

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October .. my favorite time of the year ! [01 Oct 2011|08:38am]
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Wow. So I am at the base. Working. Drill weekend. Haha in some ways I am wondering what was I thinking, LOL. First, let's get up to date --

Last Friday, I had a fish fry function for Connie (one of the secretaries at Abate) and then Nas had a scarf sale at her place. It was also a huge downpour. Was longer than expected at fish fry, then had to deliver one to Gene & Mom, so by the time I was able to make it to Nas' it was late & I was exhausted. I think she was kind of upset about that. Because I didn't go, my Mom & sis & cousins also didn't. The fish fry went well though, saw some people who knew me from Abate, saw Bobby D, saw Connie (I think I scored some brownie points, haha) and Dad & I tried something called "chocolate slush cake" which was actually pretty tasty. I felt bad about missing Nas' thing but I was SUPER EXHAUSTED and actually fell asleep EARLIER, ON A FREAKING FRIDAY, then I do most days of the week. HOW LAME AM I ??! Ugh.

Saturday was Gene & my family dinner night. I had wanted to make cornbread (not homemade yet, but from a box) so centered my meal around that & made slow cooked smoked BBQ beef brisket, and Gene made beans. Mom & Dad brought apple pie, and we played Taboo & Trivial Pursuit. The food turned out AMAZING (as indicated by the DELICIOUS smell throughout the house all day haha) though the cornbread was just mediocre. Next time definitely need to try from scratch. Dad hated Taboo so (though Meagan seemed to be having a lot of fun) we stopped and did some Trivial Pursuit. Meagan's friend, Meghan, stopped by to pick her up (came in for a few) because they had a party to go to. Was exhausted again.

Sunday, Gene & I watched the Bills/Patriots game, Gene expecting them to lose, but they came out on top, and are 3-0 now !! Top of the AFC East. WOO !! Went for a run with Gene, and then Mom & Dad came to workout too. Watched some Red Skelton, and headed off to bed.

Monday I made peach streusel shortbread bars !! Dad wanted me to use up some peaches he had laying around. Starting to get into How I Met Your Mother a little on my lunch breaks .. can't fit a full episode in though, haha.

Tuesday, blink-182 FINALLY RELEASED A NEW CD AFTER 8 YEARS !! Need to order that ASAP !! Had a GREAT run with Eugene after work, then did some ab work, and went out to the Chinese buffet (his idea). After that, Mom & Dad came over to work out, and we watched some of the Making of Dark Side of the Moon which was pretty cool. Plus some Twilight Zone (WWII Japs v. USA one), and Andy Griffith. Gave Gene a haircut. Dad & him have a deal that Gene will go to two concerts with him if he works out 3x a week with him (2 + racquetball) and he is already doing hockey on Thursdays, so let's hope this will help him. Still need to talk to Pam about elliptical.

Wednesday I was super excited because I got to wear my new dressy capris & flats to work because it was a warm day !! YAY !! So cute and comfy (: (: Got a duck lanyard from Cataract, that I was instructed to wear. d: Saw this big kid's book at Abate entitled "The Ugliest Dog in the World" and thought for sure it was Beef by the cover. Turns out it is supposedly a boxer, but it looks JUST LIKE BEEF, and he is not ugly, HE'S GORGEOUS !!! hahaha. Anyways .. after work, hit up the farmer's market & Pellicano's, and made cute little lasagna cupcakes & SPICY taco wonton bowls !!! They were FREAKING AWESOME, AND CUTE TO BOOT ! haha I think it's my love for ricotta cheese .. but what a delicious way to enjoy little lasagnas without going overboard. Next time I want to try the shepherd's pie ones !!

Thursday, I got to talk to Chrissy for a little bit, which was nice. We don't get a lot of time to chat via phone anymore. She is in NC visiting her cousin. Idk what's up with her & Ricky, but I sense things may be a little rocky ? Idk. Will have to call her again soon. But anyways .. grabbed Subway and then headed to our first night of indoor volleyball at Lew Port with our "merged" team, me, Mom, Gene, Chris, Jeff, and Christine. They changed the rules to be three games of rally to 25, which kind of sucks, but I guess could work to our advantage. We won 2/3 but should have won all three, but I hate that stupid "you don't have to serve to win" rule. LAME. LOL.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and picked up a box of BOO BERRY !! YAY !! My favorite time of year -- October -- Halloween, horror movies, fall foods, apple cider, hoodie weather, mmmmmm !! EXCITED !! Went to Gene's and caught a good Twilight Zone episode with a very young Robert Redford as a very friendly grim reaper. It was interesting. Wonder if death is really like that. Mom & Dad came over to work out, and me & Mom did a "ass & abs" workout that KILLED me. My legs felt like jello, LOL. Guess I have been slacking on the squats lately, haha. Need to get back into it all. Wish I was still taking Melissa's classes. Speaking of which, I miss her. Should go visit her soon. She is on GI, with Meagan, Jess Ziuko, Carly, and even Karin now (all of whom I miss !!!) Just been busy and hectic adjusting to new job, which is WAY less stressful by the way haha. Can't believe I agreed to to work this weekend, was thinking last night that I am crazy, lol. But I do miss Diane, Ashly, Jasmine, Joe, Pam, and some of the customers. And Gene has to work anyways. But getting up at 5 again, SO NOT COOL. Though I am surprisingly wide awake (so far) today. Had Boo Berry for breakfast -- happy October 1st !! hehehe.

In other news, apparently Pam's dad passed away ): RIP which is why she hasn't responded to my texts, so when she gets back into the swing of things here, I need to hit her up regarding her elliptical for Dad. Nas is having another scarf sale today and me & Mom & Annmarie want to go, so maybe I can hit it up after work. Gene will be late anyways since he has class stuff (UGH). I hope she is not mad at me. Her baby shower is next weekend and I realized that is the weekend we are supposed to go to Ohio, so Idk what to do now. Mom needs help down there, and it had been planned for a while. But I want to see Nas, and my other friends, and enjoy Indian food. So maybe I will stay alone ? But I would like to spend time with Gene that weekend, and he will likely go to OH with Mom & Dad. Someone needs to watch the dogs though, but Idk if Dad got off work. It's a mess. We'll see what happens. But anyways .. plan to stop there & catch up tonight, since I have been hurt the last few days due to what I perceived to be mean texts and FB jabs at me (lame I know, probably just being crazy) but want to clear things up and not lose my close friends. Then tonight is dinner night at Mom & Dad's. I might make a dessert. Have a lot on my list to try, especially Halloween themed ones !! And need to decorate Gene's house with my new decorations from Schiffy !! Tomorrow we are supposed to meet up with Drew & Jen for coffee which would be fun. I miss them !! Love Jen ! haha. Not much else going on I guess, liking the new job so far, been working with Joe & Lynne a lot which is cool. Learning new things, keeping busy, meeting people (including a Debbie Olear, no relation to Gene though) and chatting about things. Tomorrow we might also go grocery shopping, they have some Indian sauces on sale at Tops so I want to try them out for nights I want Indian but don't feel like cooking, haha. Might try to burn some movies here. It has been so rainy that it is perfect snuggle & movie weather.

Guess I should probably get to work. Katie comes in at 10. I have been having mixed feelings lately about a lot of things friend-wise. I guess a lot of the people here are sick, so I hope I don't get it. Will probably disinfect my keyboard and phone now, and wash my hands. My schools have the most delicious smelling soaps, haha. Bought an almond one and a coconut one yesterday for home use. d: Adios for now !

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